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“Stepping Through the Door” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 83: DeFrantis

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DeFrantis’ arm was getting tired as she struggled to block and dodge the relentless sword swipes of her attacker. She stepped backward from his press, trying to catch her breath and control her fear.

He swung in from the side and she leapt backward with a forward parry, barely glancing his blade away from her torso. As he swept his follow-through, she took the opportunity to reset her stance, regain her balance and ready her blade. She could see the doorway. On either side were windows showing the open night air. If we can just get to them, we can be out!

The heat from the fire and her own exertion was making her sweat, and she wiped her forehead with her free hand, gritting her teeth for the next strike.

He swung back, but she misjudged the angle and his blade glanced off of hers and slashed into her shoulder. She shrieked in pain, and her own sword clattered to the floor. Her other hand clutched at her shoulder and felt the warmth of the blood as she stepped further back, away from escape. He smiled as drew back for a thrust.

An angry yell erupted from her left, and Karendle smashed into the man’s side, toppling them both with a grunt to the floor. In the impact, he lost his grip on his own sword and it spun to DeFrantis’ feet.

She looked on in amazement as Karendle shouted and began swinging fists at the man’s surprised face. DeFrantis looked up. Eddiwarth was struggling to maintain the firewall, and it was beginning to catch onto the wooden floor, and the tapestries on the wall. She saw a man running around it, and rushing toward her.

She crouched down, scooped up the sword, and brought it up in a sweeping block. This one’s much better balanced! I can swing this one!

She stood and counterattacked, but he easily stepped away. He pressed forward, with aggression and vigor. Even with the better sword, she was still on the defensive, and her shoulder weakened her.

“I can’t hold this flame any longer!” Eddiwarth called out and collapsed to his knees.

DeFrantis couldn’t respond. As she fought she saw the man on the ground toss Karendle off of him and rise up over her.

“Just save the kids!” She shouted. We’ll do what we can.

She coughed as she blocked. Smoke was starting to fill the room. Her attacker knocked her back and she stumbled down to one knee.

We’ll do what we can.

To her right, a flash of silvery light appeared, and both she and the man stepped back to glance at it. A glowing ring grew in the open space of room, and she could see through it, like an opening into another place. A portal? Oh, no! They’re porting in more fighters! We have to run! She struggled to rise, but her legs were tired. This is it. I can’t move. We’re done.

Someone stepped through the widening ring. As he entered the room, he shouted, “DeFrantis!”

Antonerri! She skipped a breath!

He rushed forward and immediately swung his sword at her attacker. The man quickly stepped back and blocked his slash.

Antonerri! You found me!

As she stood, a large, more imposing figure stepped through the gate. “Granthurg!”

Without Eddiwarth’s focus, the firewall had subsided, even though it was spreading across the floor. Three men stepped quickly through the fire and began running toward them.

She stood and reached out with her will. Shadows swelled up from the floor and grew into tendrils tangling around their feet. One of them fell, struggling, but the others managed to step away and avoid them.

Granthurg plunged in, swinging his hammer.

DeFrantis felt hands on her shoulder, and winced. “You’re hurt!” It was Thissraelle’s voice.

We’ll do what we can. She gasped in exhaustion, then coughed.

But now we can do more! Now we can do anything!


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