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88 - The Light Shines Again - Antonerri - A Tale of Heroes

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Antonerri picked up a small reed from the cup by the candles. He gently held it in the flame of a candle. Soon, it caught fire with a small tongue of its own flame. He brought it across the altar to light more candles. They were short and wide, each one in its own glass bowl. There were dozens of them, some fresh and stout, others burned hollow. The altar was long, with a soft velvet-covered kneeling stool running along it, all the way across the front of the chapel.

He lit twelve of them, then whisked out the flame, before it could burn his fingers. Five for the ones we rescued at the manor, three for the ones we brought back from the market, and four for the ones we couldn’t find.

Several days of rest, herbal ointments, and care had done much to ease the pains he had endured. Still, he felt the soreness as he knelt before the altar and bowed his head. His mind reflected back on the changes these few short weeks had brought. His future was still uncertain. I can’t go back to the Holy Guard. In Twynne Rivers, I am a heretic, an outcast. But, for now, the brothers here in the wooded abbey sheltered him and his friends, alongside the orphanage.

His mind flowed through thoughts of those he had fought next to. They were such strangers, but bonded together by circumstances. He felt the deep gratitude that comes with having good friends, a feeling he wasn’t accustomed to.

He heard a rustling of robes, and sensed someone kneeling beside him. He opened his eyes and looked, then smiled. “Brother Mathazar!”

“Forgive me for interrupting your prayers.”

“Are you visiting the abbey?”

The friar shifted and sat on the altar stool. “When I heard that you had all returned with the children, I wanted to come see you!”

Antonerri smiled. “I’m glad you did.”

Brother Mathazar smiled back. “That’s a much brighter visage than what I saw before. You must be feeling much better.” They embraced briefly. “You all placed your own lives in great danger for the lives of weak children. A few have returned to their parents, others are here in the orphanage. The slave market is in shambles. All of Dirae is talking about you.”

Antonerri turned his gaze back to the candles. He looked deep into a flame. “I have seen light in other people where I thought it was gone.” He remembered the feeling of warmth and brightness that had brought him out of the darkness in the manor house. “And I’ve seen the light inside of me again.”

Brother Mathazar nodded. “I knew it was there.”

Antonerri also nodded, and closed his eyes.

Light footsteps interrupted them, and they both looked back to see DeFrantis standing in the chapel aisle. The dress she wore was not as fancy or lacy as Thissraelle’s style, but certainly finer than her rough and ragged street shirt and leggings. Her dark hair, though nicely brushed, still hung down into her eyes. They shone with a peace and calm that Antonerri had only come to see in the last few days. Standing behind her hip, behind her dress, was Lilia, a young girl of about 8 winters. Since they came back from the manor in the woods, she was never far from DeFrantis’ side.

“The brothers in the kitchen have asked me to gather everyone for dinner...” She said, then waited for them. They stood and walked to her. She turned with them and they all stepped down the aisle together, with Lilia skipping ahead, her hair and dress swinging with each jump. The low afternoon sunlight shone through the tall stained glass windows, spreading heavenly vivid colors over the pews and onto the opposite wall.

“...And to remind you that we have scullery duty afterward.”

The End of Story Two


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