Thursday, December 13, 2018

85 - Into the Heart of the Stone - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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The explosion ripped through the smoky air of the room, shaking the floor and bouncing back and forth between the walls. The flash was harsh and blinding. Karendle was jolted off her feet, and fell. Something large and heavy fell on top of her, twisting her leg and pinning her to the floor.

She called out in pain, and tried to squirm free, but it held her pinned. She shook her head and tried to see.  Quickly, her vision cleared, and she saw Granthurg’s bloody shoulder over her hip. To her left was his warhammer, quietly resting on the ground. Just beyond that, the floor burned.

“Granthurg! Granthurg” She heard Thissraelle’s frightened voice, and saw her run up to the other side of him. Her eyes reflected her fear and worry in the firelight. “Granthurg! You’re hurt!”

Again, she tried to squirm away, to turn her body, but his weight was too much for her. She was finally able to shift so her hip hurt less. Thissraelle moved her hands over Granthurg, frantically trying to summon the the last of her will to heal him.

Beyond Thissraelle, she saw DeFrantis heft her sword, and rush forward. Karendle lay back and looked up to see the other mage floating above the fires. He was swirling his arms over the flames, using his striking powers to stoke them higher. She felt the heat growing, and saw him start to move the blaze forward toward her and Grathurg.

“Eddiwarll!” She called out, “Can you stop him?”

She heard no response.


What can I do? Fear started her heart racing, making sweat bead up on her face. I can’t move! We’re going to die!

She reached to her chest to steady her heartbeat, and felt the pouch. She had hung it around her neck, thinking that it would be more secure than at her waist. She opened it quickly and and dug inside. What can I do?

She pulled out the stones. Two round and gray, one a sapphire gem. He’s a wizard, isn’t he? Am I not supposed to catch wizards? She smiled.

Wait, which one is it? This one? She held it up, studying it in the firelight. Yeah. This one!

She stretched out the stone toward the flying wizard, and focused deep. The intensity of the fear and the pain drove her will, and the silvery light came to the stone quickly. It shone brightly, even by the fire, and leapt forward to engulf the mage, pulling him down and out of the air. He struggled, shouting.

No! She gritted her teeth, and squinted against flame’s heat. You’re not hurting my friends any more!

The mage’s shape twisted, distorted, and swirled around the stone, until the light dissolved into it. Karendle dropped her exhausted arm.

“I got another one!”


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