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“The Story So Far” - A Tale of Heroes

Welcome to "A Tale of Heroes"! In this entry, you can catch up on the story so far, before you dive into story arc 3. This will introduce you to the characters and help you understand the story, before we start introducing even more characters! Also, here's how you can read the story a week (two scenes) ahead of everyone else!


Story 1 - Getting It All Together

DeFrantis, a rogue with shadow magical powers, lives on the streets of Twynne Rivers with some other homeless kids. One rainy night she tries to steal some chickens for everyone, but is arrested by the city guard. While in the guard tower, she meets Antonerri, who has been charged with heresy. Together they escape, but are chased by Karendle, who has been hired to hunt and capture wizards.  Meanwhile, Thissraelle, the daughter of the Master of the city’s wizard’s guild, has run away, and met Granthurg, a giant and river runner, driving commerce barges up and down the Wynne Rivers.

DeFrantis finds that the children she had been protecting have been sold off into slavery while she was gone. She and Antonerri book passage on Granthurg’s barge to go upriver to look for them, meeting Thissraelle. Some ruffians attack the boat to get an item that Granthurg doesn’t know about, at the same time that some wizards attack, trying to capture Thissraelle and bring her home. They all fight to defend themselves, and Karendle joins in, capturing one of the wizards. They float the barge west, upriver, to escape.

Story 2 - The Kids Aren’t Alright

The group docks in Dirae, west of the big city. Karendle decides to take her captured wizard back to Twynne Rivers for payment. She’s told to stay and capture Thissraelle as well.  The pouch with her magical gems (called “oculi”) is stolen, and she pursues the thief.

The rest of the group decides to help DeFrantis find her kids. They split up and begin looking for the slavers’ dark market. DeFrantis and Antonerri get into the market in the guise of slave sellers, Granthurg and Thissraelle creep up outside. Karendle is there, also, having followed the thief. She attacks the thief, throwing a fireball at him, and the market erupts in chaos. Karendle is wounded, and DeFrantis heals her. Antonerri is separated from DeFrantis, and, in trying to find her, saves a few slave children with some help from Granthurg and Thissraelle. DeFrantis and Karendle are captured by the slavers and taken away.

The kids that Antonerri rescued are not the ones DeFrantis was looking for, but now they have to rescue her and Karendle as well. The two captured ladies use the oculus to contact Thissraelle, and she, Grathurg, and Antonerri set off into the Umbrawood forest to find them. While held by the slavers in the abandoned manor house, DeFrantis and Karendle release the wizard captured in the oculus, who helps them break free. The find the children they were looking for and begin to fight for their freedom. Thissraelle opens a portal into the manor, and Granthurg and Antonerri step in and begin fighting as well. Thissraelle joins them, healing the wounded. Antonerri finds the power of his light and they defeat the slavers.

They return with the children, and at the summerfest, DeFrantis and Antonerri finally declare their love for each other. But life is starting to get difficult for wizards and those that use magic...


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing. If you like this story, support us at our Patreon!
Thank you: Chet Cox, Genevieve Springer!

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