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92 - Winds of Change - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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The Inn was noisy, crowded, and a little dim, in spite of the candles on the walls and the tables. Night had fallen on the last day of the SummerFaire, and so before going back to the monastery in the woods, the team sat down for a grand meal. The air was filled with the smattering of conversations mixed with the smell of stews, breads, and roasts. Many others who were there for the faire had also gathered to eat or to stay a night before leaving town to return home.

Karendle sat with her companions around a long, oval table. She picked up her ale and took a swig, while listening to the conversations.

“Where’s the food?” Granthurg complained, “I’m hungry”

“You’re always hungry,” Thisraelle chirped.

I can’t quite figure them out. They seem almost inseparable, but yet they don’t quite fit together. I don’t think Thissraelle likes me much. I’m not sure why. It’s nice that she’s trying to teach me magic, but she’s not very patient with me. Maybe that’s the problem.

“At least we have plenty of ale!” Eddiwarth drew deep on his tankard.

I do wish he would leave me alone. I think I would learn a lot faster without him interfering. He’s just fixated on Thissraelle. Maybe Granthurg will finally get fed up and take him out behind the stables someday. He could sure use a good thrashing.

Antonerri just laughed. He sat near DeFrantis, with his arm across her chair, around her shoulders. She was leaned in close to him.

Karendle took another drink. The inkeeper’s wife stepped up to the table, and said, “Here we are! Thanks for waiting!” She started putting bowls on the table. “Stew! Bread! And lots of seasoned apples!” Everyone leaned in and picked up bowls and plates, passing them around the table.

“Oh, this is great!”

“Careful, it’s hot”

“Here’s the bread”

Karendle took in the scene as the aromas drifted up from her bowl. She glanced up at DeFrantis. I owe her my life. I owe her everything. I still don’t understand why she helps me. Maybe she just helps everyone.

DeFrantis held up her hands and spoke, “Hello, before everyone starts eating--”

“Too late!” Thissraelle said, laughing at Granthurg.

DeFrantis smiled, and Granthurg awkwardly set his bowl down. She continued, “This last month has changed my life. Everyone seems to look at me when we talk about our adventures, but we all brought the children home. We all fought together. Now, for the first time, I truly have a home.” She smiled at Antonerri, who gave her shoulder a squeeze. She stood and lifted her tankard. “Thank you all. Each of you risked your life for mine, and for the sake of the kids. Thank you, my dear friends!”

Everyone drank and cheered as she sat back down. Karendle nodded before drinking. I have never felt this before. I have never felt this... closeness... this belonging. 

She took a bit of bread, dipped it in her stew and began eating. What am I to do, now? I can’t return to Twynne Rivers. I’m not sure how long the monastery will let me stay there.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the cry of “Hear, ye! Hear, ye!”  Everyone turned toward the main door to see the source of the interruption. It was the pubcrier, there to call out the week’s news. As he started, people in the inn returned to their dinners. Karendle quickly tuned him out as well, until she heard him mention the Twynne Rivers Wizard’s Guild. She and Thissraelle both snapped up their attention and turned around to listen.

“...The Wizard’s guild has long opposed any attempt by the Royal Court to impose laws limiting the use of magic. However, King Hastone III, of House Twynham, may he live long, and protect us all, has issued a decree of a tax of 5 coppers to be levied against anyone using magic powers in a public place. Anyone using such powers and refusing to pay the toll will be arrested. His majesty decrees this as necessary to regulate the wanton chaos brought about by uncontrolled wizardry!”

The pubcrier continued on, “SummerFaire celebrations will continue throughout this month in various towns and hamlets throughout the Realm.  Those travelling the roads will be subject to th...” The attention the group paid to the pubcrier faded as they all turned back to the table to look at each other with questions on their faces. Bits of conversation drifted from other tables, “It’s about time they did something to stop them!”, “They should lock all the wizards away, I say!”...

Thissraelle seemed particularly disturbed. Eddiwarth asked, “So, what does this mean? What’s happening?”

“My father would never allow this!” Thissraelle crossed her arms, her head down. “Never!”

Karendle felt a chilly draft blow across the table, and shivered.


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