Thursday, January 10, 2019

91 - A Sunny Day - Antonerri - A Tale of Heroes

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“Your beard has come back in very nicely,” DeFrantis said, running her fingers across his chin. They relaxed under a tree in a field not too far from the faire. The sun was high in the mid-afternoon, warming the grounds and the air.  Somewhere the clack of wooden swords and the shouts and music of the celebration rang out, but the two were oblivious. She was half sitting, half lying on the grass as he rested his head in her lap, on the folds of her linen dress.

“I'm keeping it trimmed, but...,” he paused for a breath, “But the last time I actually shaved was over a month ago.”

He went quiet for a moment, as he thought back on all that happened that morning. A lot has happened since then. A lot has changed. She’s not so timid any more, not so likely to hide her beauty in the shadows. She’s brought me into light as well.

“I remember that day,” she chuckled, “You tried to sell me into slavery!”

“You told me to! It was your idea!”

He listened to her musical laugh. He also remembered that day. He remembered the fear. I remember the explosion, and the fight. Trying to find you, and find the children. That was a very dark day for me. I was so lost, so confused. Then at the cathedral...

Her voice got quiet, “There were many times, when we were in the manor, in chains, and then later, in the fight... Many times that I as good as gave up. I felt so alone. I didn’t know if you would ever find me. But I had to get out. I had to save the children. I gave all I could in the fight, but it wasn’t enough. I thought we were done. I thought it was over.”

A breeze blew across them, bringing a bit of cool in the warm shade. He started to speak, but she shushed him with a finger on his lips. “And then you stepped through Thissraelle's portal and I heard you call my name.”

She breathed deep and looked down on him, “That was all I needed. I heard you call my name, and it was like I could breathe again. Somehow you had found me, and that was all that mattered. I knew we would do it. I didn't know how, but I knew we could win.”

She continued, “And then I saw him hurting you, and I knew how much that pained you. I remembered from the dungeon. I wanted to take the shocks like you had done for me. And then I saw you alight with power...”

Antonerri sat up and faced her. He reached his arm around her. “It was your determination that saved the kids. I had to find you. It was you that saved me.”

He kissed her once, then again, then held her, face-to-face.

She reached up, embraced him, and held him, close and tight, not letting go.

In the distance, music played on, and people danced in the summer sun.


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