Someone is kidnapping the street kids in Twynne Rivers

DeFrantis is a young human girl living on the streets, trying to eke out a living in the sprawling city, and she has problems. First, after a botched attempt to steal a chicken, she’s on the run. Second, for some reason, someone other than the City Guard is trying to hunt her down. Finally, the poor kids she was trying to feed got sold off to slavers.

She has to save them, but first, she has to find them! Along the way, she gets help from strangers: Antonerri, a soldier turned heretic - Thissraelle, an elven mage girl; Granthurg, the studious giant; and Karendle, a half-dwarf wizard wannabe.

...But who is the Dragon’s Flame?

“...Each of these characters emerges from wildly differing circumstances, and have unique perspectives and goals, which don't always neatly align with those of their companions, and in some cases can leave them wondering if they're even fighting on the right side.  It's that searching and self-doubt -- all while being swept up by larger events -- that makes these players in this little drama so fascinating.”

-Doug Bedwell, Author of “A Counterfeit Princess” and “Robot Captain”

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