Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Meeples and Minis and Ghosts, Oh My!


Yeesh! Creepy! Scary!

Here in our first podcast/vlog episode, the design team of The Hero's Tale talks about ghosts! How do run them as a gamemaster, how to deal with them as a player. How to make them spookier to intensify the emotion in the game action! How to deal with character possession while still giving the player some autonomy.

Then, in the second half, we talk about how to visualize the game. Do you use "Theater of the Mind", or do you display your fights with meeples or miniatures with dungeon tiles or terrain? How does that change when you're doing online games?

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Next week: DMPCs! What happens when the Game Master becomes a player, too? Join us on twitch and ask us questions?