Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Monthly Monster - Shadow Magic Demon

Over the holidays, we got to spend some really fun family time together. One of the things we did that was the highlight was playing a game of The Hero’s Tale, as a full family. By that, I mean, my good wife Jodi joined in! We made her a quick character, a lady swordswinger and my youngest son made a one-off adventure for us to do. Some evil witches (shadow mages) were kidnapping children from the city. We ventured into the forest, and found an old manor house where they were hiding. 

My wife’s character surprised us all by winning over the giant guard dog in front of the manor! “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?”  

When we finally met the witches in the fight, they sent some of these nasties at us. For a bit, it looked like we weren’t going to make it, but we used nature magic to power up our blades and went in swinging (and barking). Our mage froze a couple of the witches up in ice crystals, delaying their efforts in the fight, so, in the end, we not only took out the demons, but the witches as well.


Name:  Shadow Magic Demon

Description: The Shadow Magic Demon is summoned from out of darkness by a wizard using shadow powers for the duration of the scene, then dissipate. It is partly sentient, in that it can move and attack on its own, but it will serve the command of its summoner. It can appear in two forms, it’s moving form and it’s attacking form. In it’s moving form, it appears as a swirling wind of darkness and shadow. In this form, it will move across the ground very quickly, moreso than a normal humanoid. When it attacks it transforms into a vaguely human form of shifting shadow and darkness, with the shape of a head, body, arms, and legs. It has an unworldly scream as it attacks, slashing with its clawing hands.

Good, Bad, etc. : Very bad. While it does serve the desire of its summoner, it also enjoys causing harm and pain. Only shadow mages bent on evil would consider summoning it.

Hearts: 2

Difficulty: Normal

Str:   0    Dex:   +2    Frt:    -1   Awr:   0   Soc:   0   

Attacks\Combat Skills: Slash attack at +2 that do 1 heart of damage. Also, see special rules, below. 

Armor/Protections: Since it’s incorporeal, it requires magical attacks or empowered weapons to damage it.

Powers (including WP): While it doesn’t have powers and will points of its own, it can Move Through Shadow like the power action described on p 104 of the rules.

Other possible skills: 

Special Rules:  When it successfully attacks, if the defensive roll fails, the demon has attached itself. Successive attacks to this same defender get an additional +1. The defender also immediately loses 1 will point of any kind, and 1 additional will point at the end of every round that it’s attached. The defender can make a normal fortitude roll as an action to disattach the demon.

It will avoid bright lights, especially sunlight or light powers. Sudden flashes of light may startle it and force it to make a morale check or possibly disattach from defenders. Objects and weapons empowered with light power will attack the demon with an easier difficulty level, and the demon will make defensive rolls with a higher difficulty level.

Possibility of treasure: Since it’s a creature that’s summoned for the duration of the scene, it will bring no treasure with it. However, defeating the wizard that summoned it, who is probably nearby, might yield some loot.


If you’re using these in some other system, just adapt the core abilities. For example, instead of draining will points, maybe they take away spell slots, or some other way of sucking the magical power out of your PCs. 

Happy Gaming!

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