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86 - The Light Shines - Antonerri - A Tale of Heroes

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“DeFrantis!” Antonerri shouted, “Hold on!”

He shifted his sword and rushed toward the mage, who held her in a death grip in the air. Anger flowed through his arms. Rage drove his feet.

When he got only a few steps away, the wizard casually pointed and a blast of energy arced across the space between them. It hit Antonerri in the chest and shocked him, jolting him back from his trajectory. He rolled away, his legs twitching with the pain of the surge.

“You are all pathetic! What do you think you’re doing? You ruin my market, attack my home, and kill my people...” The mage snarled, and stepped toward DeFrantis. She struggled, gasping for breath, her eyes widened with fear. “For what?”

He lowered DeFrantis until she was just a few feet off the ground and drew her forward to him. “For what? What is it you’re trying to take from me? Street kids? Vermin? You should thank me for cleaning them out of the cities.”

His gaze narrowed as his stare dug into DeFrantis’ eyes. “They’re nothing. NOTHING! Just to be meals for Dragons!” DeFrantis’ eyes suddenly widened as the horror of the understanding struck her.

Don’t touch her. Antonerri struggled against the pain in his limbs. He knelt, then stood. I will save her. We will save them. You will not hurt them any more.

The wizard broke his stare and raised his hand toward Antonerri again. “Stop!”

Antonerri stepped forward, and brought his sword up before him.

“You’re determined, I can see,” The mage said with tight lips. “Let me introduce you to PAIN!”  More lightning surged from his outstretched palm, striking Antonerri. The energy shot through his limbs, driving him to his knees. Again and again, the mage blasted, tearing screams of anguish from Antonerri’s throat.

Finally, he stopped, and Antonerri collapsed.

His body felt the pain, the familiar pain. I took the blasts for you once before, and I lived.

A new sensation rippled through his shoulders and down his spine, along with the pain. I lived, and later, I chose to live. He lifted himself up, and picked up his sword again, as the warm feeling grew in him. I choose to live, now. I will defend the weak. I will fight for the poor. I will fight for you!  

Antonerri stood and straightened his back.

The mage’s blast struck again. Antonerri felt the jolt, felt the pain, but didn’t scream. The warm glow strengthened with the blast.

I will fight for the children.

The wizard shouted in rage and tossed DeFrantis, gasping, to the side. He stepped toward Antonerri and threw shocking blasts at him with both hands. “You will die! Feel the Pain! Feel the Pain!”

Antonerri felt it coursing through his body. Pain wracked his limbs, but he stood. The light around him supported him, strengthened him, enlightened him.

The mage raged and blasted again, but it was much weaker. His will was fading. “Feel the Pain! Why don’t you die?”

Antonerri coughed, then spoke. “Pain and I are old friends.”  He raised his sword. A familiar power welled up inside him, a light he had not felt in a long time. He focused this will into the blade. It burst into a bright radiance, with rays of light flowing off of it into the smoky air. He stepped forward, moving through the ache.

“You will not...”  He stepped again. “You will not hurt anyone...”

The wizard took a step back, and fear rushed over him. He held his hands out before him, but no powers came.

“... EVER AGAIN!” Antonerri lunged forward in two deep strides and thrust his sword before him. He drove the bright flaming blade deep into the mage’s chest. The wizard gasped for breath, flailing his arms, grasping at Antonerri’s shoulders. The sword’s light burned through him. The wizard’s eyes rolled up, his head dropped back, his legs failed, and he fell to the floor.

Antonerri turned around to see his companions staring at him. Granthurg sat up, and Karendle moved out from under him. Thissraelle stood, supporting Granthurg.

Antonerri looked down at his glowing sword and hands. As he straightened up, he saw DeFrantis where she lay on the floor. He rushed to her and held her head up. She was still drawing very heavy breaths, but her eyes were full of relief and tears. He slid his slowly dimming sword under his belt, and reached under her, lifting her up. He could feel her tension face as the light absorbed into her. He called out to the others, “Gather everyone! Let’s get out of here before it all burns down.”

DeFrantis nodded and buried her head into Antonerri’s shoulder. “Gather the children...” she mumbled with what breath she could muster.


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