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“Put the Hammer Down” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 84: Granthurg

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Granthurg stepped through the portal, ducking low as it grew.

The room was large and well lit by flames dancing on the floor and running up the formerly elaborate tapestries on the wall. Right away, he saw his friends in trouble. To the right was Karendle trying desperately to fend off blows from a man grappling on top of her. To his left was DeFrantis, obviously exhausted. Antonerri had come through the portal first, and immediately engaged the man attacking DeFrantis.  Their swords shimmered with reflected firelight.

The heat from the fires was uncomfortable, as was the smoke they were creating. Granthurg turned the other direction, strode toward Karendle and, with a grunt, kicked the attacker off of her. The impact of a booted giant’s foot rolled him away, coughing and gasping. He stumbled to get up, just as Granthurg's upward swinging warhammer caught him straight in the gut. The impact lifted him and dropped him to the floor, unmoving.

Granthurg planted his stance and shouted, “Who's next?”

A taller, more muscular man rushed at him, thrusting with a sword. Granthurg stepped aside and turned the handle of his hammer to parry the blade. He was large, but not as massive as Granthurg, who braced himself low and used his leverage and hammer's mass to push the assailant back.

He saw a motion behind him, and glanced over his left shoulder to see. It was Karendle rushing over to support Antonerri.

The man before him used that second’s hesitation to take another swing. Granthurg had to twist and step back to avoid it.

Granthurg caught the man's eye. He saw rage and aggression under his furrowed brow. Is there a bit of fear there, too?

He stepped back again, parried, and maintained the eye contact. His opponent's lips raised in a smirk. Once more should do it...

He used his giant legs to retreat back in a large stride. The man lunged ahead, shouting, eager to take advantage. His confidence turned to surprise as Granthurg leaned back into his assault and swung his hammer in a low arc, sweeping the man's forward leg. Cracking, it fell out from under him, and he collapsed in pain on the floor. Granthurg brought the Hammer around, up, and finally crashing down onto his chest.

Standing straight, he looked left to see the others. Antonerri had driven his opponent back to the fire on the floor, and Karendle was locking swords with another fighter. A thinner man, an elf, was behind him, and Granthurg saw something small and silver flash in his hand as he rushed forward, sticking into her attacker’s back. He stepped away and the man dropped his sword and collapsed.

“This ends NOW!” Granthurg heard a voice shout from across the other side of the room. He saw two men as they entered the room from a hallway. They wore dark robes and cloaks. One of them drifted up over the flaming floor. The other crossed opposite him and stood ready, in a commanding stance. Granthurg recognized the dragon and flame icon stitched into the front of their tunics. He smiled as he hefted his hammer and stepped toward the leader.

The other, from the air, extended his hand toward him. “Not so fast!” he shouted before pushing out a pulse of orange red power. It hit Granthurg square in the chest and exploded in a overwhelming flash of bright, noise, and pain.

When he opened his eyes, he was flat on the ground, several yards from where he had stood before. His head hurt and his ears were ringing. He heard a distant woman’s voice shouting, “Granthurg! Granthurg!”

Mom? Is that you, mom?

He looked at his hands and arms, now bloodied. Something was moving beneath him on his left side. He looked and saw a girl struggling to get out from under his back. Who are you? What’s happening?

He felt hands on his other shoulder and turned his head. A pretty elf girl looked down on him with fear and worry in her face. “Granthurg! You’re hurt!”

Thissraelle! I know you!

As his awareness rushed back to him, and his head suddenly cleared, the pain in his arms and chest overwhelmed him as well. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move. It hurt to be. He lifted his head and saw DeFrantis rush toward the mages with her sword drawn. The mage lifted his hand, dripping with blue light, and DeFrantis surged up into the air, kicking and choking.

I have to help her! Granthurg tried to move, to get up, to reach his hammer. His head spun before he fell back into blackness.


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