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87 - Escape and Rest - DeFrantis - A Tale of Heroes

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Antonerri grunted as he lifted DeFrantis up into the wagon. Then, he climbed up in to the bed and shifted her over. He covered her in blankets and she welcomed the warmth. As she settled, she reached up and took hold of Antonerri’s arm. “Thank you,” she breathed. He smiled, and moved to help the others as they approached the wagon.

She grabbed him and pulled him back. She said with a whisper, “Where are the children? Are they safe?”

Antonerri’s face suddenly flooded with awareness and surprise. “I.. I don’t know...”

“Where are they?” She tried to sit up, “We have to find them! We’re not leaving without them! I left them with Karendle!”

Antonerri gently set her back. He tried to remember. “Maybe she gathered them as we were escaping. Maybe Thissraelle has them.” He tried to assure her, “I’ll go see.”

As he climbed out of the wagon, DeFrantis crawled to the back gate, looking out, but still too weak to get out. Karendle was approaching, limping, supported by Eddiwarth’s only partly steady step. Behind them, with an equally labored pace, came Granthurg and Thissraelle. Granthurg’s shirt was in bloody, tattered ruin, but his chest, arms, and torso were healed. Still, he was walking slowly and with stiffness.

“Where ar--” DeFrantis tried to shout, before lapsing into a fit of rasping and coughing.

“Where are the children?” Antonerri finished for her. “Did anyone see them? Did anyone get them?”

“Relax,” Karendle said, “I have them. I kept them safe.” She arrived at the wagon and leaned on it for support.

“Where are they?” Antonerri pressed, as DeFrantis gestured anxiously.

Karendle reached into her pouch and shook the oculi out into her hand. Two gray stones and one blue gem. She picked up one of the gray oculi and held it up, with a self-satisfied smile. “I told the kids there was going to be a big, dangerous fight, and that I wanted to keep them safe. There was one place they could go where I knew no one could get to them! They were - I mean - are... very brave.”

DeFrantis relaxed and nodded. She reached out and took the stone in her hand. She whispered the children’s names as she cradled it close to her and settled back into the wagon. We’ll let them out when we’re out of the forest. Out of danger.

“Wait!” Karendle interjected, startling DeFrantis. She held up the other gray stone. “Is this one the kids? Or is it the wizard?” She stepped forward and looked at them both very closely.

“That one’s the kids.” She pointed. “I’m sure.”

She looked at the one in her hand. “I think...”

Granthurg lifted Thissraelle up into the wagon bed, then moved toward the horses. Antonerri looked quizzically at Eddiwarth. “Who are you?” Eddiwarth’s fine shirt was covered in dirt and soot, and he held up a grimy hand in greeting. He took a breath to speak.

Karendle interrupted, “He’s with me.” Antonerri glanced back at her. “Really, he’s a good guy.” Antonerri looked at DeFrantis, pointing both at Eddiwarth and Karendle. DeFrantis smiled and nodded. Yeah, they’re with me. They’re with us.

The old wagon creaked hard with the added weight of the extra riders, but it lurched ahead, tossing back and forth as it rolled away from the manor and into the forest.


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