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“Money Talks” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 31: Thissraelle

Thissraelle walked beside Granthurg, looking at the ground. He was carrying a large load across his back, a couple of large sacks of grain tied together. She thought that would have been very difficult, but he seemed to be hefting it without straining. He was taking in the early afternoon of the city as he looked for the destination of the delivery.

Even though she had not met a Giant before, she saw a lot more of them on the Riverfront today. A lot of them seem to run the barges like Granthurg did. They mingled with the populace, mostly human, but with more than a few wood elves as well. Each was scurrying to get where they needed to be.

“Well, here we are!” he said and turned quickly to his left. He ducked his head low to push open the door of a building. From the looks of the sign, it was a baker’s shop. The smells outside confirmed this. It was a small stucco hut, braced with huge wooden beams in the corners, and across the roof. She could see behind it a few large chimneys where the ovens were.

Moments later, he came back out with a smile and two large loaves of crusty, brown bread. He offered one to her. “Freshly baked!”

She took it and tore off a piece to eat, and they started walking back toward the Riverfront and the barge. She was silent as she walked, wondering what her next move was to be. Suddenly having all the freedom also meant too many choices. It was a bit dizzying. There was one thought, however, that had kept coming back to her. Finally, she spoke.

“How could I get to Emberfire?”

Granturg stopped, surprised, then smiled, “Ah, she speaks!”

“Yes, I can, in fact, speak.” Thissraelle said. “Do your many maps say how to get there?”

They started walking again. “Emberfire is a city built into a mountainside some ways north of here. You could just get a horse and go through the Umbrawood Forest. It wouldn’t be easy, but that would be the shortest way.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

Well, sure, Umbrawood is full of animals. Some are big and fierce, I suppose. But still, the elves travel to the city frequently, so I suppose you could take a ride in one of their caravans.”

Thissraelle didn’t like that option. “I think I’d be more afraid of the elves than the monsters in the woods!” That comment brought a sideways look from Granthurg.

She sighed. “The wood elves and the high elves don’t get along very well, I’m told. I’m not entirely sure why. They fought each other in some historic war, maybe. I don’t think they would take to kindly to helping me through their forest.”

Granthurg considered that. “Well, you could travel east around the forest, through the grasslands of the felician tribes.”

The thought of all that walking didn’t appeal to her, but she didn’t want to seem rude, either. She remained quiet.

“Or, you could sail west up the Lesser Wynne River to the towns on the north of the Umbramoor, and then hire a guide to take you along the mountains eastward to Emberfire.”

Her bread was done about the same time that they stepped onto the pier where the barge was docked. She hesitated, looking down at the pier. “What if I hired passage on your barge up the Wynne? Would you take me to Umbramoor?” After a breath she added, “I’m sorry I got your master mad at you. I don’t mean to be a burden. But, he did say that I could pay passage, didn’t he?”

“He did say that.” Granthurg helped her onto the barge. “But it’s pretty expensive. It can cost a couple of gold pieces to go all the way upriver.”

Thissraelle reached into a small pouch and pulled out three gold coins. “Well, then, this should about cover it, then!” She dropped them into Granthurg’s hand and stepped past him and took a seat on the steering platform. “When do we leave?”

“Well, we’ll want to pick up some cargo that will be going that way as well, so it might be another day or so.”

“No matter. I’m not in a hurry.” She smiled. “Now that we’re here, would you show me those maps again?”


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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