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“A Quest!” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 36: Eddiwarth

There were about two dozen novices having their evening meal together at the tables in the Wizard’s Guild school hall. They were talking and laughing, creating a low level of noise that filled the air like the thin smoke from the hearthfires burning in the center of the room. The fading afternoon light still shone through the ornate windows, but oculi mounted around the room provided most of the light. Occasionally, one of the students would get up from the table, cross to the fire and refill his bowl from the stew brewing there.

Eddiwarth was one of the louder ones, laughing and shouting with his classmates. He had only been at the guild for about a month, and had quickly tried to fit in. While his constant pranking and joking had rubbed many the wrong way, there were a few that enjoyed watching him embarrass other students and then take the fall for it. As a result, he didn’t have many friends, but there were some who were willing to associate with him, more out of a desire for entertainment, than real friendship.

He was a half-elf, born and raised in Twynne Rivers, the son of a high-elf merchant and his human mother. His father’s marriage meant they were disallowed in the city’s high-elven community, and his impulsive nature meant he never was able to focus long enough to learn a trade. The only thing he was any good at was a few bits of magic. So, as he came of age, his father managed to convince some others to use some connections and he was reluctantly accepted into the guild.

He didn’t notice when the Class Master Faloren came into the room. Quickly, the talking hushed as the lanky Master slid between the tables to stand by the fire. He turned to face the class as it all got quiet.

Just in time to hear Eddiwarth shout, “...So he said, ‘OK, but this time YOU put the dress on the monkey!” It took a moment after delivering the punchline for Eddiwarth to notice that he was the only one laughing at the joke. He quickly sat down, while others rolled their eyes and snickered.

Decorum restored, for the moment, Faloren spoke.

“Our great GuildMaster has sent me here tonight with a command. A rather odd command, I believe, but I will fulfill it, nonetheless. He wishes me to recruit a few volunteers for a quest of great importance.” Here he paused, as if it drew great pains for him to proceed. “I’m not at all clear as to why he would want to recruit for so important a task from such a pathetic collection of rabble as you all. It is beyond my capacity for understanding. And my understanding is truly vast.”

He breathed deep. “At any rate, he wishes two to three of you to go and risk your miserable lives in this quest. As with most tasks and quests you will likely undertake in your wizardic careers, success will bring with it the gratitude of the GuildMaster, and all the prestige that entails, but no actual treasure or payment. Failure, will, of course, probably bring shame on you and your family, probably posthumously, etc, etc, etc...”

A voice, trying to remain anonymous, called out, “What’s the quest?”

Faloren sighed. “If I were at liberty to tell you, I would have already done so.” He clapped his hands, and called out, “So! Who wants to go?” His face brightly beamed with sarcasm and disdain.

The fire crackled and popped as the novices all looked back and forth at each other, wondering who would volunteer. Finally a young man stood and stepped forward. “I will go and bring honor to my class and family.” He was a thin, but tall human in his late teens, dressed in a white shirt of fine linen. His hair was light, long and carefully combed, and he sported the thin beginnings of a beard.

“Of course you will.” Faloren intoned.

“OH YEAH!” Eddiwarth jumped up. “I’ll go, too! This’ll be great! We’ll get it done!” He rushed to the side of the other volunteer, shouting and waving his fist in the air.

The other students broke into pandemonium, laughing and clapping. Pleased to be rid of both of their cohorts, their cheers were, at least, sincere.

Faloren simply gestured for the two to follow him, and turned on his heel.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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