Thursday, May 24, 2018

“Fly By Night” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 34: Granthurg

“Thurg!” a sharp voice hissed through the night on the wharf. “Thurg!” it sounded again, louder.

Granthurg was sitting at one of the tables on the wharf, studying scrolls by lanternlight. He looked up, then turned toward the voice.  “Rinkmorr?”

“Hush! Come over here! Leave the Lantern”

Granthurg stood and stepped out of the circle of light around the table. His face, now obscured in shadow was furrowed and confused. “Where are you? What are you--”

“Quiet, boy! This is critical.” Granthurg could barely make out the massive form and familiar face of Rinkmorr hiding behind some large covered crates on the wharf. Before he could speak, Rinkmorr interjected, “Who’s that down on the barge?”

“Passengers. I’ve been excited to tell you. I’ve booked passengers! They’ve paid half up front, like you always--”

“I thought I told you to get rid of the elf girl.”

“She’s paid her fare in full!” Granthurg was quite pleased with himself. “In gold! The others just booked on board, too. They’re all going west, up the Greater Wynne River. I told them we could get sailing really soon, as soon as you get new cargo!” He held up a small pouch and jingled it. Rinkmorr took it and hefted it before pocketing it.

“Yeah, well never mind that. West, huh? Well, west is good!”

“West is Best!” Rinkmorr rolled his eyes at Granthurg chanting the old Riverman’s adage. Going west usually meant going home.

“Thurg! Listen to me, and listen close.” He reached out and grabbed Granthurg’s shoulders and held him looking forward, into Rinkmorr’s worried eyes. “I need you to do something important. I need you to take the barge and float it tonight. Upriver, west will be perfect, now that I think of it. But go north. Drive it right away.” He paused, and looked behind him.

“But we have no cargo! We have few supplies!”

“That doesn’t matter. Just take it tonight.”

“Wait. Does that mean you won’t be on board?”

“You wanted a chance to be a riverman, now you can be! Take it all the way up to Umbramire port and wait for me there.”

Granthurg was shocked and confused. “What’s happening? What’s the rush? Are you in trouble?”

Rinkmorr’s silence confirmed this. “What did you do!”

“I owe some people some money, that’s all. Nothing you have to concern yourself about. It’s just that some people might come to collect by taking something I have, and I need it to be gone. That’s why you have to leave right away.”

“Did you lose the barge throwing lots?”

“That’s not your concern. But no. Now, get out of here!”  Rinkmorr was already moving away.

Granthurg followed him for a few steps “I don’t know how to drive the barge upriver! I don’t know the magic!”

“Get your girlfriend to figure it out! The oculus is in the stern. Now get out of here before they see me! Don’t let me down!”

“Rinkmorr!” But the elder giant had already slipped away in the darkness. Well, he’s got some nerve! What do I do now? Granthurg stood, trying to see across the wharf. Finally, he returned to his scrolls and rolled them into his carrying pouch.

And she’s not my girlfriend, either...


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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