Wednesday, September 26, 2018

“She’s Just Fine” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 63: Thissraelle

“Thissraelle!”  She raised her head from the crying children at the sound of Granthurg’s voice. His face was wide, covered in worry, surprise, and quite a bit of blood.

“Granthurg! Are you alright?” She released the children from her embrace across the back of the wagon, and reached up to his forehead. It was cut and still drizzling blood over his eye and cheek. “You’re hurt!” She turned to the wagon and began to tear a strip of cloth from the covering.

“I’m fine! Are you harmed? Where’s Antonerri?”

She laughed quietly and turned to him with the torn rag. “I’m OK!” She began wiping his face. It was cut, but not deeply. He winced as she touched it. He looked over and saw the unconscious forms scattered around. He stepped over to Antonerri, who was beginning to moan. Granthurg leaned over him. The side of his face was beginning to bruise, and his shallow breath sounded raspy.

Thissraelle said, quietly, “I can’t heal him now. My powers are drained.”

Granthurg nodded. “We need to leave. I was attacked. There could be more.” Granthurg gently picked Antonerri up and lifted him into the back of the wagon. The children made room for him, and watched Granturg warily. Thissraelle climbed into the back of the wagon with them, and set some blankets under Antonerri’s head. It was definitely Antonerri. He was dressed differently, though. He was wearing a finely made shirt, which was rumpled and roughed, even though it looked newly made. His scruff of a beard was gone, too, shaved off.

She looked out of the back. Granthurg was looking intently at the man on the ground. He bent over and moved his shirt collar aside, as if inspecting the man’s shoulder.  He mumbled something.

“What?” She said

He looked up at her with a quizzical look on his face. “It’s a dragon. Breathing fire. Tattooed on his shoulder.”

Mhmmm.  Is that supposed to mean something?  He stood and walked to the front of the wagon, then climbed up. She and the children had to reach out to steady themselves as his weight shifted the wagon. Then, the horses moved and the wheels creaked and groaned. They surged forward.

She noticed, as they moved and picked up speed, that Granthurg kept looking off to the right, back toward where the fight had happened. After a moment, the wagon paused and stopped. It shook again as Granthurg stepped off.  “What’s happening?” she asked, but didn’t get an answer.  Then, Granturg appeared in the opening at the back of the wagon with another unconscious man. This one, she recognized as the man in grey that had been following them. She looked up with surprise.

“He’s badly hurt, too. I can’t just leave him.”


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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