Monday, September 10, 2018

“I’ve Heard that Boom Before!” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 58: DeFrantis

“Karendle!” DeFrantis began crawling and shuffling her way over. She shielded her head and face with her free hand as dozens of feet ran around her head. The flurry of motion made her dizzy for a moment, her head still ringing from the explosion.

What happened? I was with Antonerri and there was a blast. What happened to you? She reached out and grabbed Karendle’s hand, pulling herself closer.

Antonerri. Where’s Antonerri? I was looking for the children. Is he looking for the children? She tried to stand, to look through the scattering crowd, but dizziness brought her back down.

She raised her head and looked at Karendle. She lay partly on her side, partly on her chest. Her head was up, straining to see DeFrantis. Blood was all over her shirt, all over the floor. You’re hurt. You’re badly hurt. Karendle’s eyes were full of fear and pain. Her right hand reached out toward DeFrantis, and her left tried to support her while clutching a small pouch.

There was an explosion. Where’s Antonerri? Is he OK? There was an explosion. There was a sudden moment of clarity in her mind. There was an explosion. I’ve heard that explosion before. I’ve seen it. Someone threw that explosion at us when we were escaping the guard tower. I’ll never forget it. Someone tried to kill us, then chased after us.

She drew back and looked down at Karendle. Memories filled her head. It was only a few nights ago, but it felt like forever. “That was you!” She gasped and backed away. “That was you hunting after us!”.

Karendle’s mouth moved as if she was trying to speak. Her bloody hand reached up to DeFrantis.

So why didn’t you attack us on the barge? Why did you help defend us? She rose up again, just to her knees this time, and looked around. Much of the room had cleared, but there were still a few people scrambling for the few exits.

Where is Antonerri? Where are the children? What are we doing? She looked back down at Karendle, into her pleading eyes.

With a sigh, she scurried over and turned her more on her side. The dagger was stuck in Karendle’s side, under her left arm. Karendle coughed twice, forcefully, and DeFrantis settled her back down.

What can I do? I’ve used shadows to take away hurt and pain, and heal little scrapes the kids had, but never anything like this! She took a deep breath and put her hand on Karendle’s shoulder. Karendle turned her head and looked up at DeFrantis. She took hold of the dagger, let out her breath, and pulled it out. Karendle shrieked in pain, and jerked. Blood flowed fresh out of the wound over her already-stained shirt. DeFrantis immediately covered the wound with her hands and focused her concentration.  The room was already dark, but a darker mist swirled up over her, around her, and over Karendle.

Karendle coughed and her body jerked. DeFrantis heard her cough again, then again. Karendle rolled over onto DeFrantis’ legs and continued to rasp and wheeze all of the blood and fluid out of her lungs.

The darkness subsided and DeFrantis dropped her head to Karendle’s shaking shoulder.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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