Thursday, September 20, 2018

“She’s All the Rage” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 61: Thissraelle

With a shriek and a loud thud, Thissraelle landed her feet hard on the top of the wagon. The two men who had been fighting with Antonerri stood and looked up at her in surprise, but smirked when they saw her. Her frail high-elf body shook with tension and rage. Her head and hands burst into vivid blue light. Her white cloak, shirt, and hair flew in a magical wind swirling around her.

She pointed at one and spoke with a harsh and cutting tone, “You...,”

She floated slowly down from the wagon top to hover just above the blades of grass, which now lashed back and forth as she approached, “...Will leave...,”

She drifted toward the man who had last been fighting Antonerri, who had been in the wagon tossing the children. “...These children...,”

He reached down to his belt and pulled out a dagger and rushed toward her. She stretched out her arm toward him and he froze, then rose up in the air, his arms and legs swinging wildly as he tried to grasp or kick at anything that would feel like solid ground. “Help! Help! Set me down! Set me down!” He screamed.

His companion ran at her from the other side, crouching low, with an angry scowl. In a few steps, she turned her head and raised her other arm to him, stopping him full in his tracks. As his grimace turned to fear, she swung her arm aside, like she were throwing away garbage. His body followed her motion, tossed through the air, slamming into the back of the wagon hard enough to lurch the wagon forward. The children inside shrieked. He struggled to gain control, to stand up. Another wave of her hand and she slammed him back into the wagon. Finally, he fell still and slumped to the ground.

She turned to back to the remaining slaver and drew him to her until his terrified face looked into hers. She hovered there with him struggling mere inches from her open hand. “You... will leave... the children... be!”

She surged her mind and pushed him away in disgust. He flew across the meadow like a leaf in the wind, crashing across the grass and falling down a hillslope.

She breathed in deep and fell to the ground, gasping. Her mind cleared, her body shaking, her will was drained. She looked at her hands. There was no blue fire. She sat up and ran her fingers back through her hair, pulling it away from her face. The rage was gone.

She turned her head up and looked. There was the wagon, with the defeated slaver lying beneath it. Her eyes raised further, and saw the face of a child staring at her from the inside, with a strange mix of hope and fear.

“Oh, child!” She stood and rushed over, reaching up and taking the child in a tight embrace. Over her shoulder, she could see two others cowering in the depths of the wagon, and she gestured to them as well. “Come! You’re safe, now! You’re safe!”

They scrambled over to her and she held them tight, stroking their hair. She heard the children sobbing mixed with the distant clashing of metal on metal.


Question for the comment section below: What do you think is happening to Granthurg right now? What is happening to Karendle and DeFrantis?


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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