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99- “How to Stop a Thief” - Korr - A Tale of Heroes

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Korr was a tall man, a human, and a bit lanky. His shoulders were narrow, and unmuscular. His thin face was topped with long, dark brown hair that was pulled tightly back and tied behind his head.  His dress was not like the others in the inn, having the look of a man who didn’t need much. His shirt, almost a jacket, was simple, tan, and loose, hanging down past his hips. The sleeves were a bit wide and open, and ended just below the elbow in darker brown trim. His leggings were also very loose, but didn’t reach even his ankles. His feet were clad in a simple woven leather sandal.

He stood, hands together, bowing respectfully to the people staring at him. They had never seen anyone fight like he did. It’s true there were good swordsmen in the realm, particularly among the Holy Guard. But to watch someone take on three assailants, including one with a blade, using only his bare hands and feet had been a sight to see.

When a motion caught Korr’s glance, he looked over toward the thin man who had been attacked first. Korr saw him moving away, between the tables. “Stop!” Korr commanded, and the man froze, tense.

Slowly, the poor peasant turned around, and said, with a hesitant voice, “Ah... Thank you?”

The man on the floor, that Korr had defeated, moaned and lifted himself up on his arms. He shook his head, and began to get up on one knee.

Korr pointed first at the thin peasant standing at the table, then spoke with an even, measured voice. “You - you must give him...,” Korr pointed to the man on the floor, “...his purse back.”

The peasant looked at Korr, surprised. “I don’t have... I didn’t take...”

Korr calmly pointed again, “It’s under your shirt.”

“But, I... I didn’t... But you were protecting me!”

“I stepped in because no one should be killed for the value of a purse with a few coins.” Korr explained, “But no one should steal someone else’s purse, either.” The man on the floor looked at the two of them, not sure what was happening.

The silence was as heavy as the smoke in the air. Eyes darted from Korr, to the thief, to the man on the floor, and back again. Finally, the thief’s shoulders sank, and he reached under his belt and up into his shirt. He pulled out the small leather pouch and, with resignation, tossed it to the man he had stolen it from. It clinked as it hit the kneeling man’s chest, who reacted just in time to catch it. He still wasn’t sure he understood what he was seeing or hearing.

By the time Korr glanced back at the thief, he was gone. He stepped over to the man on the floor, and offered him a hand, pulling him up. Again, Korr bowed slightly, and returned to his seat.


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