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97 - “Making the Magic Work” - Granthurg - A Tale of Heroes

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Granthurg leaned forward on his knees, leaning over the gem set into the stern of the barge. Rinkmorr used to make this work. For him, it was so easy. I always wanted to know how, but he never wanted to tell me.

He remembered Thissraelle explaining how magic worked, and how the Oculi Creator, the “Eyes of the Creator”, helped. She had been teaching Karendle, and not getting very far. Granthurg had seen them, and listened in.

“Magic is all around us. Most people know that it exists, but have no idea where to find it or how to access it. But it’s there, all the time. Wizards and mages learn how to use the force of their own will to draw out the power and use it. If you focus and concentrate, you can make it do almost anything.”

“Anything?” Karendle was more than a bit incredulous.

“Yes, well, some things are harder than others, and they require more will. Once you use up your will, you’re done with magic until you rest up and replenish. The more a wizard grows and learns, the deeper their will grows, too, so they can do more and more.”

Granthurg had stepped in. “When we first met, you talked about different kinds of magic, but I didn’t really understand it then...”

“Yeah, there are six different powers. Usually, a mage will study one, or at most, two.  I can do a bit in three of them right now. The power of light is my personal favorite.” As she spoke, she’d held out her hand and a brightly glowing ball of light formed in her upturned palm. Karendle averted her eyes from the brightness, but wanted to stare into it. “I mostly use it to heal and to bless, but it can be used in a fight, too. It’s what Antonerri used to light up his sword as we were battling in the manor house last month.” She had flicked her wrist and the light was gone.

Granthurg had asked about the other powers, and she had explained them all. She said that she had used her mental powers when they had fought the slavers outside the market. That’s how she had levitated herself into the fight, and the powers of her mind had thrown them down. That was also, she had explained, how she had found DeFrantis and Karendle, when they had been captured and reached out to her. Then, she had used her dimensional power to open a portal so they could step into the fight and join in.

She had also explained that Eddiwarth had used striking power to start the fire in the manor, and that was also how the evil slaver mage had attacked Antonerri so fiercely. DeFrantis, she had said, knew how to use shadow power, and had used the darkness’ influence over life and death to heal Karendle when she was dying on the floor of the slave market.

“Eventually, I want to learn them all.” Thissraelle had said, “I know the least about natural powers. That allows you to shape and use the things of nature around you, like water, trees, life, stone, air...”

It clicked for Granthurg. “That’s how Rinkmorr healed me, and how he drove the barge!”

“Yes. And the oculus gem in the back of the barge serves as a focus, as a boost of his own will.”

“That’s what I need to learn!” Granthurg had said, “Can you teach me that?”

Now he knelt over the hatch in the platform, looking down at the stone. He took a deep breath, sighed and held his hand out over it. Thissraelle had said that it sometimes helps your concentration.

Granthurg closed his eyes, and let his consciousness sink deep. His mind focused on the stone. He wanted it to work, to make the water move beneath the barge. He wanted it to move the barge. He wanted it to...

Nothing was happening. He opened his eyes and looked down past the oculus into the water below. The water flowed with the normal run of the river under the docks.

He repositioned himself, closed his eyes again, and focused, seeing his own will. Thissraelle had said to find that first, then to flow it through the stone.

He suddenly felt a sharp warmth inside him, as an awakening, or a brightness. That’s it! That must be it!

He directed that out of his chest, through his arm, and down at the stone. He could feel it course through him. Opening his eyes, he could see nothing. His arm was tingling with the warmth, but it looked the same.

Then he heard the churning of the water below the barge, and felt the barge move underneath him. It jerked toward the stern, then yanked the tether lines taught jarring Granthurg off his knees and almost toppling him into the water.

He laughed out loud! By the Creator, it worked! It worked! He leaned over the stern of the barge and could see the water splashing as the magic moved it, and tried to move the barge.

A nervous thought crossed his mind. Now how do I stop it?


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