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100 - “The View From Above” - Parith - A Tale of Heroes

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Oh, my flames! Have you ever seen anyone fight like that?

Parith Laren looked down on the surprised people in Inn’s common area from the darkened space in the rafters and cross beams above. He watched the tall, oddly-dressed human talking to the ones that he had been fighting just moments before.

He had been sitting at a table in the corner just before the fight broke out. His short time in Twynne Rivers had shown him that it was pretty diverse, especially in the merchant and riverfront quarters, but still, there weren’t so many elves. In addition, this part of the city wasn’t the wealthiest or the most patrolled, either.

So, when the shouting started, his first thought was to get out of the way. That, and when all of the humans stood up to gawk at the fight, he had to find a better vantage point.

Next to the table where he had been sitting was a large, square, wooden pillar, supporting the beams and rafters where the ceiling and roof are attached. He had leapt onto the table, the up at the pillar. He pushed off the pillar and launched himself up onto one of the beams. From there, it had been easy to jump from one to the other to get to a place where he could see clearly. It reminded him of jumping from branch to branch in the forest canopy of his home in Umbrawood. Fortunately, everyone was too transfixed by the drama unfolding below to pay any attention to a quick elf in the smoky darkness above.

Parith saw the peasant man toss the stolen pouch to its original owner, then slip between people in the crowd as everyone watched to see what the tall man would do. Surprisingly, all he did was help the other man up, the man he had just thrown to the ground like yesterday’s garbage, and give him a quick bow of the head. Then, everyone gave him a wide passage as he stepped over to his table and sat down.

The drama was over, but no one was quite sure what to do. Gradually, they all returned to their seats, and the murmur of conversation returned, though what they were talking about was definitely not the same as before. As the innkeepers also began serving the tables again, Parith looked over the scene from his unique perspective.

Now, how am I going to get down from here without drawing any attention?

Parith glanced over at the table where he had been sitting before. Aw, flameit! My pouch and pole are there, unguarded! He began leaping through the rafters. On his second jump, he misjudged his footing on the landing, slipping and losing his balance. He swung his arms to steady himself, and slammed his knee into a heavy wooden rafter. The pain shot through his leg, and he clenched his teeth to not cry out. His swinging arms grabbed another rafter and held on. He steadied himself, wincing as the pain subsided into a dull throb. Good thing I didn’t fall. That would be all I’d need, to have everyone attacking the sneaky wood elf in the ceiling.

Steadied, he made the last few jumps to be above his table, then, after assuring himself that the general attention of the inn patrons was elsewhere, quickly slid down the pillar and sat down. He picked up his drink and took a sip as he glanced around to make sure nobody had been watching. His gaze settled on the stranger who had won the fight.

I think I need to meet that guy!

He emptied his tankard in a long drink, then stood and walked around his table toward the man.


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