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207 - “The Brave Little Drake” - Parith - A Tale of Heroes

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When Parith opened his eyes, the pain that wracked his entire body made him close them tight again. He tried to move but that hurt even more.

My arm. I can’t move my arm. He reached up with the other hand, but found nothing in the air above him. He felt a strange disorientation mixed with the hurting. I’m upside down. Something is scratching my face. When he heard the little drake’s familiar trilling, he turned his head and opened his eyes. The drakeling squawked and began licking his face. From somewhere farther away, he could hear explosions.

The cold stone of the bridge beneath him shook as the big green dragon took another step toward him. Aw, stones, this isn’t over yet?

He shifted his head a little and pain shot down through his back and legs. He saw Thissraelle’s worried face appear over him. He smiled. “Hey. Miss Healer. You gonna patch me up?”

She didn’t smile back. She covered her face in her hands. “I don’t know what I’m doing, or what’s going on. My father-- the dragons--“ She looked at him again. “You’re really hurt.”

“Am I that bad?”

“I’m going to have to try and get you down off this debris. Can you move?”

He tried to rise up, but could only move his head and arm. Pain overwhelmed him and he dropped back down. The drake nuzzled him, cooing timidly.

She sighed, “I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”

He could hear more growling, shouting and exploding and it all seemed so distant, like it was happening in a room down the hall. The bridge shook again. Thissraelle moved back and raised her hands. A faint blue light formed around him, and she lifted him up and eased him flat on the ground. He shouted and winced.

“Sorry! Sorry! I think you’ve got some broken bones. I’ve never tried to heal anything like this. It’s going to take a lot of will.”

“Where’s Korr? And Eddiwarth?” Where am I? Oh, yeah. The shrine... He reached out with his good hand and touched her arm. “Thank you. You’re so good.”

“What?” She was distracted.

 He could only whisper, now. “Whenever things go bad, you’re the first one there to try and fix it. I need to be more like you.”

The dragon’s back leg landed only a few feet from him with a heavy thud and a shake, and Thissraelle screamed. The drakeling shrieked and jumped up onto Parith’s chest, launching itself into the air. Parith coughed with pain.

What’s he doing? Come back here!

They both watched the drake fly up and circle the huge dragon’s neck and head, drawing its attention. The dragon snaked its smoking head back and forth, snapping at the little pest, swinging its large forelegs, and trying to smack it down. Hot drips of flaming drool splattered down around them all.

“Drakie!” Parith wheezed, trying to shout, “Get back here!”

The side of the dragon’s sweeping head struck the drake as it tried to dive under it. The impact dazed it and knocked it upward in the air for only a moment. It flailed about, shrieking, while it tried to twist and regain control of its flight, but one of its wings didn’t respond and the little beast tumbled down. As it fell, the dragon grabbed it in its flaming mouth and bit down hard.

Parith reached out, trying to get up. “Drake!”

Thissraelle screamed again. The dragon shook its head back and forth, crushing the little drake.  It spit out the tiny body onto the bridge floor with a burning splat.

“Drake!” Horror filled Parith’s mind. He barely saw Eddiwarth and Karendle rushing to engage the big dragon, trying to draw it away from Parith and Thissraelle. “No! Save the drake!”

Thissraelle put her hands on Parith. He could feel her summoning her will. “No!” He gasped, “Don’t heal me! Heal Drakie! Save him!” He grabbed her wrist and tried to move her hand away, but he was too weak.

Thissraelle’s shoulders shook. Her tears fell on Parith’s arm. He felt the light swell in her and flow into his broken body. Then, his vision clouded in brightness.


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