Monday, March 9, 2020

205 - “Visions in Smoke” - Tonklyn - A Tale of Heroes

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“You are defeated! End this fight!” The odd warrior’s voice echoed through the dim of Kirraxal’s throne room. The great black dragon lounged on the rich plush padding on his stone dais. As always, Tonklyn stood beside him, along with the everpresent watch of the dragonbonded guard.

Before them swirled a foggy mist of blackness that moved and shifted into shapes. Like ghostly actors on a haunted stage, the mist played out the vision of the distant dragonbonded soldier, the one that Kirraxal had tasked with finding the dragon friend, Giatrice.

At the moment, the soldier was lying on his back and his view was staring up the threatening shaft of his own spear, now held at his throat.

This man fights strangely, attacking with only his bare hands and feet. And yet he’s defeated our armed soldier! The downed figure squirmed, then his hand shot forward. A dark dagger flashed in the sunlight, sticking deep into the abdomen of the opponent. The man reacted in pain, then leaned into the spear, thrusting it forward. The vision before them lurched and went dark, then dissipated into smoke.

The room fell silent.

Tonklyn hesitated, unsure how Kirraxal would react.

The dragon only harrumphed out some smoke, then raised his head up. Finally, he spoke. “Well, I had hoped that one of those dragons would have been able to draw out the dragonfriend. No matter.”

Tonklyn nodded. No raging fury today. Good. “Maybe Giatrice was one of the party there at the shrine. Maybehe’s the old man standing there behind them.”

Kirraxal nodded. He stretched his neck out, wrapping it around his body and settling his head. “He will yet be found. Leave me, now.”

As Tonklyn bowed, Kirraxal added. “These two dragons have served me well. Soon, when you go to speak with them, we’ll offer them high places in my kingdom. Especially Gerixain.”

Tonklyn raised up. “Is he the large greenish one?”

“No,” Kirraxal corrected, “she is.”

Tonklyn smirked, nodded, and stepped away.


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