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170 - “Boys’ Night In” - Parith - A Tale of Heroes

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Eddiwarth opened the door and stepped into the room. "I don't think I've ever walked that far in my life."

Parith and Korr followed him in. "Yeah, it's been a while since I traveled the entire day," Parith said, "so I'm not used to it, either. We made pretty good time, though. All the way to Windydale." I’m pretty sore, too, though. It’ll be nice to sleep in a bed before we get to the forest.

"Is that what they call this little waystop? Not much here."

"It’s part of some Dutchy. I don’t know the name. It's not on the main trade road, which is good for us. It’ll help us avoid whoever might be chasing the wizard girl. We won’t want the local Lord to know we’re here." Parith stretched his arms above his head and stepped over to the window. He snapped the latch and swung the shutter open. Instantly, a cold breeze rushed through the room.

"What are you doing?" Eddiwarth shouted and grabbed his cloak from where he had left it on the chair. It was a thick one, dyed a dark green. Here held it over his arms and chest.

Parith raised his hand to his lips and whistled sharply, twice. Immediately, they heard a flapping of wings and the drakeling landed on the windowsill. He jumped onto Parith's shoulders. "We're fed, now it's his turn."

He walked over to the bed and pulled a bundle of cloth from his pocket. He flipped it open on the bed, and the drake eagerly jumped down and began eating. He made soft contented trilling noises in between his slurps and gulps. “Is that yummy?” he asked, scritching the drake on the head while he ate.

"At least close the window, please!"

"Just a minute."

Eddiwart blew out a breath. "It's cold outside! That draft is freezing."

Korr had been quietly sitting on the floor access from the one chair in the room. He stood and closed the shutters. "Well, thanks." Eddiwarth sat down in the chair. “And what did you mean by ‘whoever might be chasing the wizard girl’?”

Oooh, did I hit a nerve? Parith just shrugged, but smiled a bit inside. He looked his traveling companion over. Korr shook his head, then sat back down in a sort of meditation posture. Parith glanced back at Eddiwarth, who avoided his gaze and shifted in the chair to face away from the bed. I shouldn’t mess with him, should I? Parith fed more meat to the drake. It yapped and snarled eagerly.

Oh, why not?

“Why?” Parith asked, without even hiding a smirk, “Are you wanting to be the one chasing the wizard girl?” Korr opened his eyes and glanced warily back and forth between the other two.

Eddiwarth’s eyes darkened and he tensed.

Ah, the arrow strikes home!

“Are you just upset because she spent so much time walking with me today?”

Eddiwarth looked down and muttered, “She just needed to understand the path through the woods. She had to make the plan.”

Parith fell back on the bed and laughed. The drake jumped to his hands and began licking the remnants of dinner from his fingers. Eddiwarth jumped off the chair and stood tense, his jaw set. Korr shifted his legs on the floor, preparing to intervene.

Parith sat forward and leaned on his elbows. His grin was broad. “Easy, there, friend, easy. You don’t have anything to fear from me. I’m definitely not her type. I’m much too... well... too much lowly wood elf for her tastes.”

“She’s not like that.” Eddiwarth jumped in, but his shoulders and arms were less tense.

“Oh, no?”

“I’ve seen her. She’ll throw herself in front of any danger if she can help heal someone that’s hurt. She’ll fight for anyone that needs help. Flames, she fought for Karendle, and she’s part dwarf. She’s... amazing...” He sat back down and dropped his head. “I’m only half-elf, and she... she...” He hesitated, like he wasn’t sure how to finish that sentence.

This guy’s serious. He’s got it really bad. Parith glanced over at Korr, who had relaxed and was focused on Eddiwarth.

“Ah. Look.” Parith said, “I...”

Korr spoke up. “Does she know what you’re thinking?”

Eddiwarth shrugged. “Probably not. Nothing I do seems to get her notice.”

Korr looked up, as if trying to remember something. “I know nothing of women. There were women in my cohort of disciples. We trained together, studied together, and worked together. Yet I have no idea how to be together. Our master often spoke of his own wife and when he did, he looked much like you did just now. He taught, ‘As you share yourself, you must find yourself.’” He sighed. “I don’t really know what that means.”

Eddiwarth raised his head and tilted it to one side.

“How about this for an interpretation, then,” Parith said. “Relax and don’t force it. Take your time and she’ll notice you.”

“Yeah. That’ll work” Eddiwarth didn’t seem so convinced. He slouched back in the chair. Parith reached over to the stack of blankets folded at the foot of the bed and tossed him one. It landed on his face and chest. Eddiwarth didn’t immediately react, but began unfolding it as Parith handed one to Korr.

This one’s a new branch on the tree, I think. Parith glanced back at Eddiwarth. I like him. I still think I can have some fun, here, though.


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