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168 - “Are You Ready?” - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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“Are you ready?” Karendle asked. She held the glowing sapphire in her palms before her. She shivered as much from tension and fear as from the chilly room air. Thissraelle nodded. She placed her hands under Karendle’s, also feeling the glow. “If they drop even a hint that they sense you, get out!”


“OK, I’m opening it up.”

Karendle let her mind clear, and felt the warmth of the power slide up her arms and into her mind. She took in a deep, slow breath before thinking, I’m here.

Where have you been? You’ve not contacted us for a long time. The voice was deep and intense, even a little angry. Karendle recognized it as the elf called Illitharin. His image formed in her mind, shaped by her memory. He was thin, not tall, with a measured expression that always left her feeling unsafe.

I’ve been tracking the elf wizard, like you asked. It’s not been easy since you burned down the cathedral. Everyone’s been in hiding. She looked across at Thissraelle, who nodded encouragement.

And how is it going? Have you caught her?

Karendle hesitated. She didn’t want to let them in, but wanted to find out more. No. I have some good leads. I’m pretty sure she’s still in Twynne Rivers. At first I thought she’d gone back to Dirae. Thissraelle smiled, and Karendle returned it.

Good. Good. Keep at it. If you catch her, your bounty will be much higher. My masters have deep pouches, now, and they really want her. Thissraelle gave a smug, sarcastic smirk. Karendle rolled her eyes.

What’s so important about her, anyway? Why is she such a big deal? Thissraelle pretended to be miffed. Karendle smiled and shook her head.

That’s my master’s business, not yours.

Karendle shifted her legs on the bed. She decided to push. It’s the Wizard’s Guild, isn’t it? But weren’t they in on the cathedral job with you?

There was a silence in her mind. Karendle felt sweat on her forehead, in spite of the cold. Thissraelle’s hands shook a little under her own. She continued, I’ll bet that’s it. The Guild thinks you’ve already got her! You used her for leverage. That’s how you worked the Guild over, and got them to cooperate in the attack on the Church. 

The elf voice still didn’t respond. Karendle kept pushing. So, what are you going to do now that the guild hall’s been raided and all of the wizards are in hiding?

We have nothing to worry about. We’ve had people in the Guild and the Church for years. We’re growing, and we’re not stopping. 

Karendle’s eyes widened. She thought about when she had met up them in the inn just a week ago. Or, really, three months ago. She reached out in her mind like she had then. She saw an image of a dark, black shadow taking the shape of a huge dragon, much larger than any of the drakes they had fought. It wore a large golden crown. You guys are the Dragon’s Flame, aren’t you?

Once again there was silence, a hesitation.

I want to join you. Thissraelle’s eyes widened in surprise.

What are you saying?

Karendle asserted herself. I want to join the Dragon’s Flame. 


“Karendle!” Thissraelle whispered. Karendle nodded assurance and smiled nervously. Well, you guys are making things happen. I figure that when the dragons finally do take over, I’ll want to be in a good position. You know, instead of a slave.

Alright, then... the voice suggested, bring in the elf girl. That will be your test. If you can do that, and soon, we will talk.

I’ll do it!

Very well, then. Contact us when you do.

Karendle dropped her hands as the glow subsided. She hissed out a heavy breath. She looked up and saw Thissraelle staring at her in wonder. “What? Don’t you think that would help?”

Thissraelle pulled her hands back. “What, signing up with the enemy?”

“No! Of course not!” Karendle said. “But this way we can find out what they’re doing! Already we found out that they want to overthrow King Twynnham. Who knows what else they’re up to!”

Thissraelle sat back, relaxing. She rubbed her arms. She began nodding her head as she saw the possibilities.

“Look, Thissraelle, I’m not going to sell you out.” Karendle reached over and put her hand on Thissraelle’s arm. “Let’s just string them along for a while and see how it goes.”

Thissraelle continued nodding. “Yeah. That’s a good plan. I want to find out how involved my father was in the attack. Also, I wonder if this Heathrax man fits into this somehow.”

“I’ll bet.” Karendle slipped her legs back under her blanket, and Thissraelle stood up. She walked over to her own bed. Karendle covered up and rolled over. “For now, let’s get some sleep.”


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