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162 - “We’ll Be Going Home” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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“So, what about the Church, the Guilds, and people like the Dragon’s Flame? They worship dragons, even. Who is right?” Thissraelle was still struggling with these thoughts as she walked back up the hallway with Normath and the others. “And if they’re all trying to find The Creator, too, why don't they all like the Seekers?”

Normath shrugged. “Who knows? People always seem to find ways to gather up together in similar groups. When they do, they tend to fear other groups.” He took a heavy breath. “We don’t think that anyone in the world right now, not even us, has the fullness of understanding of who The Creator is or what He really wants. We just know that He wants us to help each other live and to find Him.”

Thissraelle nodded as they stepped out of the hallway and up the final stairway to the courtyard. The open air of the stairway and courtyard made her feel free, less confined.

He continued, “He helps us along the way. He sends His champions as messengers when we, as individuals or as groups, need it. We believe that someday we’ll find Him, or that He will reach out to us more directly. Then He’ll restore things to order and tell us how to do it right.”

“So what if he comes to someone else? What if that’s the Church, or the King?”

“Well,” he nodded, crossing to the firepit, “then I hope I remain humble enough to recognize Him and follow Him anyway.”

They stood together, staring into the mesmerizing colors of the magical flame. Korr and Eddiwarth stepped up beside them. Eddiwarth had grabbed a muffin from one of the trays, and was happily gobbling it down. Thissraelle smiled. She felt a chilly air waft past, in spite of the fire.

“I guess I need to follow Him now. I need to go back to Wynne. For some reason, I feel that I need to find Heathrax. For myself, not just to deliver some message.”
“That’s probably right.”

Thissraelle watched magical sparks of all of the colors float up into the dark sky. Way in the distance, a light streaked across the expanse and flashed. Suddenly in its place was a mass of rock, tumbling through the crowded emptiness. Thissraelle saw it fly into one of the colored clouds.

“Constant movement, constant change,” she said.


She smiled. “So, when can you portal me back to the great reality? Down to Emberfire?”

The old man winced. “Ah, that could present a problem. When I was last there, the King in Emberfire had shut down all of their portals and closed all magic coming into the city. They were quite stunned by what happened in Twynne Rivers. Even King Twynnham has cracked down on mages in his own city. The Wizard’s Guild was raided and sacked. It will be tricky to even go there.”

Thissraelle’s eyes widened in shock. What does that mean? What has my father done? What’s he brought down on his house?

“Still,” he said, “there are portal points all over the land and a few open points remaining in Twynne Rivers. The Seekers that guard them can hide you and help you find supplies as you begin your journey.”

Korr interjected, “Parith is from Umbrawood. I believe he might be willing to guide us through.”

Eddiwarth jumped in. “I’ll go, and I’ll bet Karendle will, too!”

“Well, then,” Thissraelle said with resolve, “when can we leave?”

Normath put his hand on her shoulder. “As soon as you’re ready.”


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