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157 - "Resolution” - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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With all of the stupid mistakes I've made along the way, you’d think that I’d have more practice at this part of life. 

Karendle took in a slow, easy, calming breath. She looked past the short stairs before her and out across the terrace to where Thissraelle stood alone. Thissraelle was facing away, staring out into the slowly sweeping emptiness of The Vast. Karendle looked at the pouch in her hand and felt the weight of the magical stones inside.

Well, let's get this over with.

Karendle let the air in her chest out, and hopped up the few remaining steps to the terrace. Her foot didn't quite reach the final step and it dropped back down, slipping out from under her. She lurched forward, banged her shin hard on the stone edge of the step, and landed on her wrist.

She cried out and rolled onto her side, hissing dwarvish curses as she winced in pain.
In a moment, Thissraelle had spun around and run to her side. "What happened? Are you hurt?"

Karendle grabbed her leg and pulled it up, rubbing the shin while she tossed back and forth. "Ah! Haahhnnn! Shaking stonessss!" All that didn't really help ease the harsh pain much, but it did distract her from it a bit.

"What happened? Can I heal you?"

"Slipped-- slipped on the--" Karendle sucked in air through her clenched teeth. "Sslipped on the step--"

"Relax. I can heal you!"

The pain was sharp, but it was already receding. "Naw. I'll be-- Okay." She blew out a breath, then rolled over and started to stand. "I just banged my leg." Smooth. That was really smooth. Very dignified.

She stood and hobbled toward the stone benches along one side of the terrace. Thissraelle helped support her arm. By the time they got to the bench, Karendle was able to walk through the dull ache. She dropped onto the bench with a grunt and slouched down, her face in her hands.

Thissraelle sat down beside her. Karendle dropped her hands. Thissraelle's posture was straight and proper. Karendle was leaning back, with her legs stretched out. They clearly came from different worlds.

"Is that feeling better?" Thissraelle asked and Karendle nodded. She looked out past the gray stone terrace at the colorful clouds turning in the sky. "Did you come out to see the view?"

Karendle shook her head. "The party is just over."

Thissraelle nodded, stood, and started to stroll toward the hallway leading to the chambers.

Karendle watched her back for a moment, feeling the awkwardness in the air, then said, "Actually, I, ah, came over to talk to you."

Thissraelle stopped, then turned around with her eyebrows up. She returned to the bench and sat back down.

Karendle leaned forward and gazed at the stone floor. She messaged her calf and shin a bit more. She couldn't look at Thissraelle's face and needed something else to focus on. "Ah, look, ah--" Karendle finally mumbled, "I'm-- I'm sorry."

Thissraelle whistled out the breath she was holding. "Yeah. I'm sorry, too." She crossed her knees and rested her hands on them.

Karendle sat back and stretched her shoulders. "I got really frustrated that I wasn't able to do the magic and I didn’t know what I was doing or why I was even there and I blew all of that garbage at you. Thanks for trying to teach me and thanks for coming back for me."

Thissraelle put her hand on Karendle's shoulder. "I'm... not a very good teacher. I don't have enough patience yet, and I have no idea how to explain things."

Karendle smiled and nodded, almost imperceptibly. "You really try to help, though. You wanted me to learn. You wanted to help DeFrantis get the kids. I need to be more like that."

Thissraelle smiled back and reached up to give her a hug, but Karendle raised her hand. "There's... There’s one more thing."

Thissraelle drew back and frowned with an eyebrow raised. Karendle straightened her back and reached to her belt. She unthreaded the oculus pouch, held it up, and set it with a few clinks in Thissraelle's lap.


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