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143 - "Fear, Friends, and Light” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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Thissraelle and Eddiwarth ran through the shattered doors of the cathedral porch into the main foyer. As they stepped up into the nave they stood transfixed with horror at the sight before them. The entire floor of the west end of the nave was rubble from the apparent collapse of the main spire. Ornately carved stones lay broken and scattered among the splintered wood of beams and pews. A few remaining ornate pews in the nave and those up into the choir were burning, throwing sparks and belching smoke up toward the vaulted ceilings. The skylights above were shattered, the delicate paintings in between the pillars were blackening with smoke and soot, and drakes flew back and forth, circling in the upper reaches. They occasionally dropped down to retch flaming spit onto the tapestries or the walls, or to chase the screaming monks, priests, and worshippers. A few guard soldiers fumbled with their blades and spears, and scrambled to either run or protect the priests. The noises of fear and destruction filled the huge echoing chamber above. Rain streamed in from the shattered skylights above, making odd swirls out of the ascending smoke, and hissing as it fell onto the flames below.

“Creator, help us,” Thissraelle whispered. Her heart ached. She struggled to breathe. Her eyes blurred and burned. Was that from tears or the smoke?

Eddiwarth coughed. “This is the Destroyer!”

She wiped her eyes and looked around below. She saw a few monks running out from the aisle under the gallery, turning down a hallway off to the right. She ran toward them, and Eddiwarth jumped in behind her. As she reached the aisle before the hallway entrance, she saw the rows of pillars. The ceiling in the aisle was lower, and the smoke poured up into the nave on the left. Halfway up toward the sanctuary, a raging fire burned. In its light, she saw a familiar silhouette, kneeling over a prone man. Her heart leaped. Karendle!

Thissraelle ran forward, but stopped and stood when Karendle saw her. Karendle was a mess. Her hair was ragged and her long, thick braid was unraveling. Her face was covered with smeared soot. Her sleeve was torn and her cheek scratched.

The moment hovered in the smoky air as they looked at each other. Eddiwarth ran up beside her. She glanced at him, then back at Karendle. “Karendle, I... Ah...”

Karendle nodded, then looked down. “Hey, do you think you could heal this guy?”


“He’s pretty badly hurt. There are a lot more, too!”

The moment snapped back into immediate reality. Thissraelle shook her head and rushed over to kneel before the man. He was an older man, probably in his fifties. He would have been dressed in very fine, colorful clothes if they hadn’t been ruined by the rubble and the smoke. He looked up at Thissraelle and Karendle with painful, pleading eyes.

Karendle knelt on the other side of him, carefully shifting his bloody leg. He winced in pain. “Oh! Sorry!” she said, then released it. She gestured to Eddiwarth, “You watch for dragons!”

Thissraelle summoned her will again, filling herself with light. It felt good in her arms. All of her recent frustrations and confusion focused into the immediate need to heal this man. This she could do. She held her hands out over the man, who dropped his head back to the stone floor as the glowing warmth overwhelmed him. For a moment, she felt the pain of his wounds shiver through her as the light carried it away and released it into mist around them. Then, the light faded.

“Thanks!” Karendle said, jumping up. “I’ll go find more!”

WAIT! Thisraelle tried to say something, but Karendle ran off into the chaos. I need to talk to you! 

An explosion from farther up the nave shook the walls of the aisles. Something large fell and crashed to the floor. The calls of the beasts came to her ears with an urgent sharpness, further returning her to focus. A bit of weariness settled into Thissraelle’s shoulders. She stood, and Eddiwarth moved next to her. Together, they lifted the man up to his feet. His face was both grateful and terrified. They guided him a ways toward the exit, then turned back around to rush after Karendle.


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