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140 - "Flames in the Rain” - Granthurg - A Tale of Heroes

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Granthurg? Thissraelle's faint thought-voice nudged it's way into his consciousness. Are you there?

He smiled, in spite of the cold and the rain, sensing the familiar patterns of her thoughts in his mind. He'd hoped she would reach out and let him know how she was doing. It had been a long morning, and the early dark made it seem even more so.

Yes! I'm walking along the RiverFront back to the Inn. They had all split up early that morning, Thissraelle and Eddiwarth to go look for Karendle, and Granthurg to secure the barge in the storm. He'd found it to be still well-moored, but a few of the tarps had come loose and were flailing in the wind.

His boot splashed into a puddle on the street and he pulled his cloak tighter over his shoulders. He had his heavy warhammer strapped across his back, underneath the cloak, so it didn't quite close in front. The front of his shirt was getting quite wet. The pubs and shops along the river all had lanterns lit inside, shining out of windows into the cloud-dimmed streets. A few people walked past, huddled under the roof overhang.

We found Karendle. He could sense hesitation.

Excellent! How is she?

I don't know. We're across the street. Eddiwarth was trying to reach out to you when he sensed her. He found her in the cathedral, of all places. There was a long, heavy pause in his mind. He could tell that something was going on in her mind, worry, perhaps, or even fear.

Are you OK, Thiss? 

The pause went on, and he stopped walking for a moment. All he could hear was the rain on his cloak hood.


Yes, I'm fine. We're leaving the pub to go talk to her now. Where are you? 

I’m on the RiverFront. I just passed the Chapel of St. Mardon. 

Can you get to us quick? She’s in CentreTown, in the Great Cathedral. She hesitated. Granthurg, I'm not sure how to do this. I'm not good at apologies.

Granthurg laughed and started walking again. He shook some of the water off his shoulders

It's not funny! 

I know. I'm sorry, he thought, though he still shook his head and chuckled. See? There! I said it. Now you can.

The tone of her mind got sharp. It's not the same! I have to--GRANTHURG! OH NO! OH NO! MERCIFUL CREATOR! Her mind shrieked with fright and he felt a chill rush through his spine.

What? What happened?

Silence. He stopped walking again, frozen in place. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate.

Thissraelle! What's happening?

GRANTHURG! Thissraelle's thoughts jarred him. GRANTHURG! The Great Cathedral is on fire!

In a heartbeat, a huge explosion ripping through the dark, rainy air behind him and a rush of hot wind blew past him. He spun around to see a billowing rumbling cloud of flame and smoke riding up from the shattered facade of the chapel just down the street. The orange light from the blaze shone on two figures in red robes standing in the rain with their hands held high, gesturing at the building. Debris from the exploded structure began to rain down around them and he could hear people start to scream inside. The spire leaned precariously forward, the wooden supports underneath it weakened, like it was about to topple out into the street.He could hear the two wizards laughing. They reached out to each other with their fists and pushed the backs of their wrists together in salute, swinging their arms up high. Then, they ran into the chapel, parting the flames with gestures of their hands..

Someone’s attacking the churches! That’s what’s happening! 


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