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133 - “Tears in the Rain” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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Hey! Eddiwarth's voice rang out in Thissraelle's head. I haven't seen Karendle or anyone. Where are you?  She leaned against the slick wet wall beside her. She stood on one foot, holding the other painfully up off the ground.

Not where you are, obviously, she snapped back.

I'm getting a lot of pain through your mind, here, are you hurt?

Yes! I twisted my ankle and I'm cold and drenched. I can hardly walk.

I can locate you! I'm on my way!

She slumped against the wall and hung her head. What am I doing? Why am I here, alone in the dark?  Suddenly, all the fear and pain and frustration washed over her like the rain. All of the tensions of the last weeks overwhelmed her. She slid down the wall until she sat on the wet stone pavement. He knee throbbed as she brought them both up to her chest. She began to cry, her years mixing with the cold rain dropping of her hair and the hood of her cloak. I’ve ruined my friendships. I’m completely lost. Maybe she shouldn’t have even left the tower in the first place.

She didn't know how long it was before she heard splashing footfalls running toward her. She looked up Eddiwarth crouched down before her. He reached out to support her shoulder.

"Can you stand?" he asked. "Let me help you." She lifted her arms to his shoulder and began to push. Halfway up, he put his arm around her waist and they started hobbling along, side-by-side.

"I'm sorry. What happened?" he asked. "You really look a mess!"

She shot a narrow glare up at him, but didn't respond. She just focused on moving one foot at a time.

They limped on in darkness and silence. She coughed, then sniffed. Eddiwarth tugged her hood further over her head. The team was falling apart. Karendle was gone; DeFrantis and Antonerri had a place at the monastery. Where is my place? The gloom in the skies reflected the overwhelming sense of emptiness in her heart.

They turned a corner and began to make their way back toward the main boulevard of CenterTowne. The rain had made a wide but shallow puddle against the building and they had to wade through it to get to the street. The cold soaked further into her unhurt foot.

When they finally stepped out of the alleys, she looked across the street and saw the familiar wall of the Wizard's Guild. Behind it, she recognized the shapes of the buildings of the compound. There was the Main Hall, the Library, the Training Hall, and way behind them all, she saw the tower where she had studied and grown. The tower where she had been trapped and where she had made her escape.

She stood still, even though she felt Eddiwarth trying to keep her moving.

She dropped her head again. "Well, go ahead."

Eddiwarth paused. "What?"

"Go ahead. Take me back home."

He looked at her, confused. He wasn't sure what to say or how to respond. All that came out was another, "What?"

"Take me back to my father. It's what you wanted all along, right? It's what he told you to do, isn't it?" She looked at him, accusing. He just stood, stunned, like he had been hit by lightning. "Isn't that why you brought us here?"

"No! No! I thought Karendle was looking for wizards! I thought we were trying to find her! I thought..."

"Don't lie to me! He sent you to fetch his poor, lost daughter! Well, here I am, and there he is! Take me in! I hope he pays you a lot for me!"

"Don't be crazy! Let's get you off that foot and out of the rain."

She started punching at him with her free hand. "Let go of me! Let go!" She pushed him away, hard, and lost her balance, falling back into the puddle. She lay there, the rain soaking her clothes and face, until she felt his hands sliding under her knees and shoulders. With a grunt and a shaky stance, he lifted her up, and carried her around the corner and into a warm, lighted pub.


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