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132 - “Lost at Home” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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Where is he? 

Thissraelle looked up and down the street, but couldn’t see Eddiwarth. The rain fell heavy and steady all around her. She rested, leaning up against a building under a second story overhang. It gave her some measure of shelter while she watched. The plain dark cloak she had on was heavier and more practical than the more delicate white one she usually wore. This one did a better job of protecting her from cold and rain. Even more, its appearance was much less obvious and protected her from being recognized. At least that was the idea. Remembering this, she held her head down and tugged on the side of the hood.

It was late morning, but the smothering layer of thick clouds and the chill wind made it feel more like late evening. There were people walking by, covered up against the rain, but not many. Not like a normal day. The cobblestones of the street here in CenterTowne were clear and clean, not dusty and cluttered like they were in RiverFront, or even back in Dirae. There were trees along the street, and well-manicured shrubs and grasses. This is the part of Twynne Rivers where the wealthy and powerful lived. This is where she had grown up. This was also definitely where she did not want to be right then. She glanced up and noticed that it had gotten dark enough to trigger the glow of the large oculi mounted on tall poles up and down the main street. They weren’t as bright yet as they would be when night fully fell, but they did help illuminate the way.

Eddiwarth had also told her that the Wizard’s Guild used them to watch the city. That hadn’t really surprised her, but it had made her much more wary as they had walked. She was sure that someone would see her and tell her father she had returned.

She dropped her head and adjusted her cloak again, then slipped back into an alleyway. The overhang of the building wasn’t as long here as it was in the front, and with the wind twisting through the alley, it blew drops of rain into her face.

I don’t know how he talked me into coming here. This is the last place Karendle would come!

She turned her head around the corner of the building and glanced up the street. A short walk away was the cathedral of the Church of Three Lights. She knew that just on the other side of those tall, majestic spires and arching buttresses was the great hall of the Wizard’s Guild. Looking past the cathedral, through the rain, she could make out the stone wall that surrounded the compound of the guild.

Only a few months ago, she had lived there. She had grown up there. She had also been trapped there. Her mother had feared the commoners that lived outside of Twynne Rivers’ CenterTowne, and didn’t even trust the humans that lived within it. She constantly reminded Thissraelle that they were high elves and were strangers in the city. She had only been allowed out of the grounds of the Guild if her father assigned one or two of the mages as an escort. She missed her parents greatly, but running away had also given her a wonderful sense of freedom.

Footsteps sounded along the wood deck walkway in the front of the building. Suddenly, someone passed in front of her. She jumped, startled, and stepped back. In an instant, without thinking, she looked up at him, and their eyes met. He was a younger man, with dark shadowed eyes. His wet hair was pressed against his forehead. His face was frowning. He turned away as he walked on.

He saw me! He’s with the Guild! I know it! He’ll take me back to my Father!

Fear seized her legs and tensed her arms. Her heart pounded in her ears. She ran deeper into the alley, holding her head low, hiding in the folds of her cloak. He’s following me! Where is Eddiwarth?

She turned at a small intersection, going back in the general direction that she had last seen him walking. I’ve got to find him. We’re getting out of here. We’ll find Granthurg and leave the city.

It was hard to see her way in the dark, narrow alley. Her foot slipped and twisted on the wet cobblestone and she went down, hitting her knee hard on the stones. Pain ripped along her leg from her ankle, through her knee, and up to her hip. She winced and pulled it up, tight against her. She rolled on the cold stones as she cried out.

He’s going to catch me! I can’t run!

She opened her eyes to face her captor.

He wasn’t there. Rain fell into her face and she blinked in the darkness of the alley. There was no one there. Hadn’t he followed her? She relaxed her leg and sat up. Her hard breathing sounded heavy in her ears. She scrambled to her feet, but the pain in her leg dropped her before she could stand. She gasped as she rolled over and crawled to side of the building. She quickly looked both ways, but there was still no sign of the man. Was he hiding? Maybe he walked on. I can’t wait here and see.

Using the building for support, she limped further down the alley, further into the darkness, and closer to the Guild.


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