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111 - “Bread in the Bell Tower” - Parith - A Tale of Heroes

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There was no bell in the bell tower of the abandoned chapel. That was probably a good thing for Parith and Korr. It allowed them a little more room in the tiny space. Well, Parith had been comfortable stretched out there that night. That was, once all of the bird's nests and cobwebs had been cleared away. Korr was a lot taller, so his side had probably been a bit more cramped.

Parith hadn’t slept very well the previous night. Some homeless squatters must have been fighting in the chapel below. The noise had jarred him awake.

Parith sat, leaning with casual ease against the wall under the large window-like opening. Each wall had one, presumably for the sound of a great bell to call out to worshippers all over the neighborhood. Did they take the bell out? Maybe they never had one. A chapel out in the Outer Wall Quarter might not have had enough tithes to get one.

He dropped his gaze from the rafters of the steeple to Korr, sitting cross-legged opposite him. Korr's eyes were closed and his face was tranquil. It was late in the morning. The sun overhead brightly lit the rooftops surrounding the tower, but the interior was mostly in shade.

Parith picked up one of the loaves next to him and tore it in half. Then he broke off a smaller piece and stuffed his mouth.

After a moment, Korr opened his eyes and stretched out his legs. Parith smiled and tossed the other loaf to him. Korr held it up, sniffed it deeply, then gave a quizzical look at Parith.

“Yes, I paid for it!” He said with a slightly defensive tone. Korr's expression didn't change. If anything, he looked more skeptical. Parith persisted, “I did! I believe, in situations like this, the proper response to being given good food is: ‘Thank you’.”

Korr nodded, and said, “Yes. Thank you.” He also began eating.

After another bite, Parith studied his new companion. “So, tell me more about this ‘Heathrax’ man you're searching for.”

“I really don't know much at all.”

“Where is he?”

“I don't know that either.” Korr broke off a bit of bread. “In the progress of my studies, my learning, it is my time of questing. My master gives me a task, and I must go and complete it. Then I return to the dojo and report what I have learned.”

Parith laughed. “So, you just agreed to take this message, whatever it is, to someone you don't know, who is in a place you don't know where?”

“Yes.” Korr said resolutely, “For my master.”

“How?” Parith laughed again, “How are you supposed to find him?” He took another bite of bread.

Korr nodded. “My master teaches that all things are connected. The world is whole, a complete round. Thus, any road that you walk will eventually lead to where you need to be.”

Parith finished his loaf. “It sounds to me like your master is just getting his servants to go do his busy work.”

“He is not my master like a slave holder. He is my master teacher.” Korr dusted off the crumbs and stood. “Come.”

“Where? To look for this Heathrax?”

“Yes. But first we must pay for the bread you stole.”


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