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106 - “I’m Gone” - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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Karendle stepped into the long chamber. The monks, unaccustomed to guests, and even less accustomed to female visitors, had given the three of them this large room in the monastery to be their dormitory. It was long and narrow, with a few chairs and a table right by the door. Further in, along the left, lay three straw mattresses covered with blankets. The back wall had two large windows, which were both currently open, allowing in the occasional hot breeze of the summer afternoon.

Karendle walked in. The first bed was DeFrantis’, then Thissraelle’s. The third was her own. Looking them over, she laughed to herself. Thissraelle, the young high elf, had left her bed in pristine condition, sharply spread and made as if no-one ever slept in it. The blankets and sheets were neatly and tightly tucked under, protecting her sanctuary. Her belongings were not visible, presumably packed neatly away in the trunk next to the bed. Karendle mused that if she were to look inside, she’d see that all of the clothes were neatly folded and carefully stacked.

DeFrantis’ bed, on the other hand, was made, but quickly thrown together. Not really messy, but made like someone who hadn’t slept well, and was more interested in getting to her morning brew and her day’s tasks than making sure things were too neat and tidy.

Karendle stood by her own bed and sighed. The blankets were draped, half on the floor, half off the mattress. Her pillow had fallen between the mattress and the trunk, which was, itself, strewn with the clothing she had worn the day before. One of her sandals lay near the trunk, but the other was several feet away, under a small stool by the window.

She nodded. It’s no wonder I don’t fit in here.

She picked up her blanket and whipped it open onto her bed. She tossed her clothes from the trunk to the blanket, then opened the trunk to remove what few other things she owned. There wasn’t much. Some leggings, another shirt. A cloak, a tunic. She fetched the sandals. All of these went onto the blanket.

She reached under the mattress and pulled out a scabbard and belt. It was made of strong, finely-tooled leather, and had been fitted to her own waist, made for her by the monks of the monastery. They had said it was in gratitude for her help rescuing the children, and as an act of kindness as their guest. She pulled the sword out and held it. She had taken it from the slavers, and kept it as they had fled the manor house in the forest after the rescue. She thought about the days she had spent imprisoned there, along with DeFrantis, chained to a post.

She slid the blade back into the scabbard. She stood and swung the belt around her waist. On the other hip was a small rondel dagger. This was the blade that DeFrantis had pulled from Karendle’s side, saving her life. She shook these thoughts out of her head.

I have to get out of here.

Karendle folded the edges of the blanket over each other, then began tightly rolling it up.

“What are you doing?” Thissraelle’s voice cut through the quiet room.

Karendle jumped up as if she had been caught stealing tarts from the kitchen. She didn’t respond, but continued rolling her blanket.

Thissraelle walked in. She was not tall, even for an elf, and her thin and angular face was framed by long, whispy, light-colored hair. Karendle was muscular and stocky, and she knew that if it came to a physical fight, the elf would be no match. Still, Karendle felt a bit intimidated. She focused on tying the blanket bundle with some twine.

“Are you... leaving?” Thissraelle asked, looking at the sword on Karendle’s hip, and the empty trunk, “What...? Where are you going?”

Karendle tied off the blanket. “I’m going to Dirae,” She mumbled, half to herself, “Then, I’ll get on a barge back to Twynne Rivers. I’ll be out of your way.”

“What? Why?”

Karendle stood and tossed the bundle over her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed as she faced Thissraelle. “I have business there!”

“Business? What business?”

Karendle just moved past Thissraelle, toward the door. Thissraelle took in a sharp breath as she realized where Karendle was going. “Karendle! The wizard hunters?”

Karendle stopped and turned around. “Why not? It’s not like I’m learning anything from you! I’m trying what you tell me, but it isn’t working! You don’t get it. I didn’t grow up in the heart of the guild with magic all around me. Life is very different in the mountains! Life is very different for the dwarves!”

Karendle saw Thissraelle’s eyes widen, then go harsh. “I never said anything about--”

Karendle stopped her with a wave of her hand. “I think you’re right. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a mage. Not on my own, anyway.”

She strode out of the room, leaving Thissraelle with her hands out in stunned silence.


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