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“Scrybabies” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 79: Karendle

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“That’s right!” The tall man said, “You keep quiet and stop that crying!” Even hunched over, he towered over the small children huddled together on the pile of straw on the floor. His wrinkled and stubbly face was distorted into an angry scowl and his hair flopped down into his harsh and forceful eyes. The children cowered against the wall. Their shirts and faces were dirty, and the breeze through the window above them whisped their tangled hair.

The one that had been crying was trying hard not to burst out a second time. An older girl held him closer as he shook. She said, “We’ll be quiet!”  There were five of them, the oldest of which was the girl, with 10 winters at the most.

The man stood. “That’s better. Now get to sleeping!” He backed away from them and returned to his chair. It was a wobbly wooden assembly, next to a slightly sturdier table. The table held a lantern, well-lit, a sword in a sheath, and a few half-drunk tankards of ale. On the other side of the table sat another man, not as tall or broad-shouldered. He had a full beard and and a rag tied tightly around his bald head. He grabbed some black and white knuckle bones off the table and rolled them between his hands.

“It’s my turn, right?”

The taller man sighed, “I’m not gonna toss lots all night. I’m not giving you any more of my money!” He grabbed his tankard and drew a long swallow.

The other man ignored him and tossed the bones from his palms. They rattled across the tabletop and came to rest. “That’s three! The smaller man shouted. “I win again!”

Next to the straw that the children huddled on was another, smaller table, with a second lantern. It sat in the corner between two walls. In the second wall, next to the table, was a large, wooden door, with a latch and metal bands.

Karendle leaned up against the other side of that door, her eyes closed, her mind focused. Tightly clutched in both hands, directly before her face was a glowing blue stone. “I see two men, sitting at a table.”

Eddiwarth stood directly behind her. He was not tall, but Karendle’s half-dwarven stature made him hover over her. “Good, good...”

“This is working!” She whispered, excited, “It’s working!”

“Yes, keep it down.” He rested his hand on her shoulder. “Now, project your mind’s eye further into the room. Turn it around. What else do you see?”

“Oh, by the Creator! I see them!”

DeFrantis stepped up behind them. “Who? Where are they?”

Eddiwarth shushed them.

Karendle whispered, “Four... No, five kids. They’re huddled on a straw mat across from the men.”

“Which ones? Who are they?”

“How should I know? Should I ask them their names?”


They all looked at each other for a moment. Finally, DeFrantis spoke. “You’re right. Let’s figure out how to take the men down.” She took a breath.

“We only have the one dagger for weapons, so we’ll have to use our power,” Eddiwarth noticed.

“Yes, but we don’t know what we’re up against, so we’ll have to be cautious using our will. I can fill the room with shadow. That will give us a few moments of surprise.” She looked at Eddiwarth. “If we need to, can you take down the door?” He nodded. “Karendle, you rush them. Grab for the sword.”

“Alright, then.” She held out her hand and focused her mind in the space beyond the door. She could feel the shadows swelling around her. They heard shouts from beyond the door.

“Let’s go!”


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