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“Over the River and Through The Wood” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 74: Antonerri

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Thankfully, the rain had stopped by the time they were ready to travel. It was still overcast, and dark, and the rain had made the ruts of the wagon’s path very muddy. Still the horses were strong and pulled them forward.

“This must be a path they’ve traveled many times. They seem familiar with it.” Antonerri commented. Granthurg nodded.

Getting across the Wynne had been a fairly simple task as well, using Granthurg’s barge. Clearing off the ransacked rubble to make room for the wagon was not as easy and had taken much of the rest of the morning. Then they began the journey into the southern deep of the Umbrawood Forest.

It was dark inside the forest, partly because of the overcast skies, and partly because of the thick canopy of trees which gave the forest its name. The leaves had just come on to the trees about a month before, and were thick and strong. It was clear that this path was used, but not used very much. There was some underbrush, much of it new growth, but it wasn’t high enough to impede movement. Even so, the ground below was uneven, and full of old tree roots and it made travel bumpy and a bit noisy. A thick layer of last winter’s dead leaves, now wet from the spring rains, was helping the wagon get through the mud. It gave a musty smell to the trail.

“I don’t understand.” Antonerri asked, “What is the significance of the Dragons? Who is this ‘Dragon’s Flame’ we’re hearing about?”

Granthurg was thoughtful before responding, “Yeah, I don’t know, either. I’m trying to put it all together in my mind. There are some histories I remember. Some I read, and some I was told as a kid. They say that the Dragons used to rule this land.”

Antonerri was surprised at this. Thissraelle stirred in the back of the wagon and leaned forward between them to hear the story.

“Even before the Mage Kings of the High Elves. The story goes that they were quite oppressive and enslaved the humans for generations. Then they started dying off, and nobody knew why. The humans and the elves finally overthrew them, and that’s when the elven Mage Kings began ruling Wynne. Now, of course, it’s all fractured. It’s like each group has divided up into its own space.”

He paused and thought. “I’m not sure what the ‘Dragon’s Flame’ is. The man who attacked me said they were cultists that worship dragons. There are still dragons in Wynne, but not many live, and few ever see them.”

Thissraelle took this in. Antonerri looked at his companions then down at the horses and the trail before them.

“I’m so grateful to know you two. Your knowledge, and,” He gestured to Thisraelle, “Your magic has been a great help. I hope we can get to DeFrantis before...” His voice trailed off.

Granthurg smiled and put a huge hand on Antonerri’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, friend. We’re here.”

Thissraelle added, “We take care of each other. We’ll find them. Once we’re closer, I’ll be able to place them and hopefully I can open a dimensional portal straight to them.”  She paused, and sighed. “That may, however, take most of my will. I’m not sure how useful I’ll be in a fight after that.”

Granthurg gave Antonerri’s shoulder a friendly shove. “Getting us there will be a great help. Leave the fighting to us. That will be our job!”

“Once we find DeFrantis, hopefully then we’ll be able to find the children she’s looking for.” He smiled at his new friends. Isn’t this what I always wanted? Why I joined the church guard? To fight for those that could not fight for themselves? 

But there was a fear inside him as well. A fear of the unknown. What are we getting into? What’s waiting for us? Am I up to this? We’ll need the blessings of the Creator for this, and I’m not yet sure I deserve that.

The wagon rumbled and creaked along the dark, hidden path.


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