Thursday, August 23, 2018

“Stopping a Thief, Part I” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 53: Karendle

Karendle tried to run through the alley, but it was too cluttered and her knee and shin were painful and weak. The best she could do in the shadows of the dim morning light was to limp and stumble her way forward. After a few yards, she saw some barrels stacked along the side of the building and reached out to them for support. Her eyes adjusted. Maybe it’s just getting lighter. She steadied herself and ran ahead.

I can’t lose him! He had to come this way!

She came to a spot that was a bit lighter, where the alley intersected with another at the end of the building, along a fence. Which way to go? She looked each way. I’ll bet he went left, she told herself, and took off that way.

Immediately, her foot hit some garbage and she tripped. She fell, hard, onto the dirt of the alley. Just as quickly she heard something shout in pain. That wasn’t me.

She flipped over and leaned up. Next to a couple of crates was a small, brown burlap tarp. The broken twine at the corners suggested that it had probably been covering the crates at one point. Something was moving under the clutter. Yes, there are two legs sticking out from under that wrap! Ignoring the sharp pain in her leg, she stood and whisked the tarp away.

“No! Don’t take me! Don’t take me! Let me go home!” He was thin, and looked older. The empty jug on his arm and the ale-soaked shirt told her his story.

“Hey!” She said, grabbing him and picking him up. She leaned him against the wall.

“Don’t take me!” He shrieked again. She winced at the toxic smell of alcohol that wafted from him. His tunic was also a dull brown and caked with dirt and dust.

“I’m not taking you anywhere!” She shouted, shaking him. “Who would want you?” She let go and he slumped down again, mumbling. Wait. He might have seen the thief. 

“I’ll go home...”

“Did someone just run by here?”

He looked up at her, confused.

“I”m not going to hurt you! Just tell me if someone came through here!”

He sighed and wiped his face as he cleared his thoughts. Then, he nodded, and pointed. “Yeah. Just now. Did you get robbed?”

“Yeah.” She limped off in that same direction. Yeah. I got robbed.

He called after her. “Watch out! Don’t let them take you!”

Karendle didn’t allow herself a moment to wonder what he meant.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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