Monday, August 13, 2018

“Going to the Chapel” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 51: Thissraelle

“Maybe I’m too naive.” Thissraelle admitted. “It’s true that I barely know these people. And we’re being hunted by the Wizard’s Guild and who knows who else...”

She and Granthurg walked along the waterfront, to the west, as the road followed the flow of the river. The morning busy of the markets was beginning to show on the street. The shops were opening, and vendors were setting up by the side of the road. The sun rising over the town’s houses had replaced quiet with chatter. The barmaid at the inn had told her that following this road would take them to the town’s small cathedral.

She continued, “But then, I barely know you, too. And I find you to be trustworthy.”

He smiled. “Thank you. DeFrantis and her friend seem to be sincere enough, I guess. I’m just wary.”

“That’s probably a good thing, I would think.” She glanced up, and pointed over a shop’s roof. “I’ll bet that spire ahead is the chapel.”  He nodded.

They stepped over someone’s basket of grain. “You seem to be lost in thought. What is worrying you? Besides what we’ve already talked about, I mean.”

“I’m wondering,” He said, looking at the spire she had pointed out. Not really at it so much as beyond it. “What is on our barge that made those men attack us back in the city? What is it they want?”

She shrugged and looked behind her for a moment. “I’m wondering something, too.” Then she looked west again, down the street.  “Where are the children? Twynne Rivers had lots of them, running in the streets, playing, begging, stealing. There are none here.”

They passed the building before them and then stood in front of the cathedral. It was tall, but not as expansive and majestic as the one in the Twynne Rivers Center Towne. This one was plain stone, with smaller, circular stained glass for windows along the sides. It had no lawn, no foliage. It opened simply onto the street. There was a tall spire with a bell tower pointing upward to heaven, and a single larger stained window below it, depicting three bright yellow stars. The Church of Three Lights. I wonder why Antonerri and DeFrantis were so insistent on not coming here. His shirt bears that same image. You’d think that he’d want to talk with them. 

Granthurg turned his eyes away from the chapel to look at Thissraelle. “Well, let’s hope they know where they’ve all gone.” He stepped forward to the door.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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