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“Well, Now What?” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 46: Antonerri

Antonerri stepped down the stairs into the common area of the Inn. It looked much brighter and more welcoming than it had the night before. He could see the activity of the morning picking up, and recognized a table full of his traveling companions. As he approached, he heard DeFrantis say, “I’ve been in dark markets before. Maybe I’ll begin there.”

There was an immediate awkward silence after her statement, which Antonneri broke by pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Thissraelle was quick with a smile and a greeting, “Good Morning! How did you sleep?”

The sleeping was fine. The trouble was waking up. “Fine, thanks.” He looked over the breakfast food. “Much better than in a jail cell or even an army barracks.”

I’ll try and keep it cordial. No need to bother them with my own struggles.

“Are you hungry? Have some!”

He nodded. He was quite hungry, and so he reached for a plate and the serving bowl. He glanced over at DeFrantis, who returned his look with a slight smile. He nodded a quiet morning greeting. As he began eating, he thought about the interesting collection of souls gathered around the table, from so many different backgrounds and experiences. As they had been traveling the day before, they had talked and, to a certain extent, gotten to know each other. He thought it odd that they would all be together at the same table. Just a few days before, none of them had known any of the others.

Oh! I’m being ungrateful! He suddenly dropped his fork and said, “Forgive me and my bad manners. A thanks to whoever provided this meal, and the bed for the night.”

Thissraelle had a mouthful of food, but gestured with her hands as if to say not to worry.

“So, what was this about the dark market?” He asked, hoping to restart the discussion.

Granthurg answered, “This village has one, but I’m not sure we should get messed in with it. It’s probably dangerous, and, considering how we were run out of Twynne Rivers, it might not be a good idea to be seen here among those who connect that way.”

DeFrantis swallowed her spoonful. “True, but since we’re already in danger, that wouldn’t really make much difference, would it? We really should go where it happens. I mean, children aren’t going to be sold in the open square.”

Thissraelle wondered, “Doesn’t the Church of Three Lights take care of orphans and street kids? Maybe we should ask the local Priest what he might know...”  Antonneri and DeFrantis both stopped eating and shared a fearful glance. Antonneri had to shake his head to resume breathing.

DeFrantis finally spoke. “This is my task. These are like my children. I should have protected them. I have to save them now. I can’t require any of you to join me in this danger. Each of you have things you need to do. Thissraelle, you’re wanting to go to Emberfire. That’s a long Journey. Granthurg, you’re needing to get the barge upriver. Antonerri...” Here she paused, then continued, “You all don’t need more risk and distractions from me.”

No one spoke. No one ate. For a moment, the air was decorated with the sounds of glasses clinking, footsteps, and voices mumbling from other tables. Outside, and child’s laugh drifted through the window. Antonerri saw the elf and the giant looking at each other with questioning glances.

Granthurg cleared his throat. “Well, that’s true enough. We all have our own plans. We don’t have reason to get involved. Except that there are children’s lives at risk.” He saw Thissraelle smiling at him. “So, I think we can postpone our journeys and help.”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yes! We can!”

DeFrantis sighed with relief. “Okay, then. We’re a team.”

Antonerri nodded his assent, then asked, “So. What do we do first?”


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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