Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Gygax Day!

Hey, folks -

At this rather undramatic juncture in the narrative, I have a few announcements!

First of all - Happy Gygax Day! Apparently, July 27th is Gary Gygax' birthday.  Who was he, you ask? Only the father of all role-playing games! So, everyone go out and roll a natural 20 today to celebrate!

Second of all, and as a fitting tribute, we now have our rule book available! A work spanning 4 years!  Here's the link to where you can purchase a hardback copy and/or a pdf download.

We're very excited! Through the month of August, the PDF version will be only $10, and if you buy the hardbound version ($29.99), you'll also get the PDF free!

Third, we will be showing the game at the Eagle Mountain Street Fair, in our home town, on August 11th, and we'll also be demoing the game at the SaltCON End of Summer Event in Layton, UT on August 31 and Sept 1!

More to come!

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