Monday, October 24, 2022

Monday Monster - The Phased Serpent


From the forthcoming tome: The Collector's Compendium of Creatures!

Name: Phased Serpent

Description: This is a large serpent, around 30 feet long. It is black in color, with some small eyes. It has a strong sense of dimensional magic, and so lives most of its life out of phase with the Great Reality. This means that it can move through physical matter as if it weren’t there, it can’t be attacked (except with magic or magical weapons) or attack until it phases into reality.

They generally are found near the shores of Ghendal, though it can be found on other worlds on occasion.  It is possible its origins are from another world, and that some made it to Ghendal as an invasive species a very long time ago. It would be from whatever location the Qhuempi are originally from.

Intelligence: Higher animal

Motivation: Survival, carnivorous

Hearts: 4

Difficulty to Hit: Normal (13+)

Average Attributes: 

Str:  +2   Dex:    0   Frt:   0    Awr:    +2     Soc:    0

Actions: 2 primary, 1 secondary

Attacks\Combat Skills: Bite +2, Tail whip +1, each can do injuries or 1 heart of damage.

Armor/Protections: Ability to phase

Powers: Dimensional Magic +2

WP: 8

Special Rules:  It travels through the ground and has a natural ability to phase itself in temporarily. It uses its dimensional magic to sense life when traveling phased through the ground.  It uses this to attack and eat its prey. It attacks primarily with its bite, though it may attack by whipping its tail towards its enemies, should it deem to protect its head. It may phase or unphase itself as a defense against attacks. 

Possibility of treasure: Low

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