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198 - “Blessed Steps” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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“Thissraelle,” the voice whispered again. Someone shook her gently. She felt the cold air of the night on her face and opened her eyes. Karendle hovered over her. “Sorry, sis. It’s your turn for watch.”

Thissraelle nodded and yawned. Her cheeks were warm and a bit painful. She reached up out of her blanket and touched them gingerly. Karendle leaned back. “Yeah. Sunburn. Funny, huh? In the dead of winter, even.”

Karendle unwrapped her blanket from her shoulders and spread it on the snowpad in the space next to Thissraelle. “There’s some brew in the bowl on the stone. It’s not as hot as it was earlier, but it’s still good.” She sat down on the blanket then lay flat and pulled the other half over her. She shifted a few times underneath before lying still.

Thissraelle got up and wrapped herself in her own blanket. She stood by the warm rock for a few minutes, trying to encourage her mind to become alert. The night seemed very bright, even as late as it was. She shook out her cup and poured some brew from the bowl. She sipped and made a face. Ukhgh! Still good? Ow! Making faces hurt. OK, I’m awake, now.

She stood for a moment, sipping from the cup. The moonlight seemed to draw her away and she stepped carefully over the trampled snow to the edge of the rock overhang. She followed a little of yesterday’s path and came out onto a ledge, catching her breath. The full moon hung bright in the sky, illuminating the snow all around with a ghostly silver glow. Far below, she saw the deep expanse of the Umbrawood Forest, a lumpy sea of brown and white. They were not even a third of the way up the side of the mountain, but she could see mile after beautiful mile away. Above her was a clear sky of stars. Many were overpowered by the brightness of the moon, but there were still innumerable others that shone brilliantly through. The expansive void above her reminded her of The Vast. She smiled and sighed.

...Vast are the works of His creation. The words Korr had cited rolled through her mind.

In moments like this, I feel lucky. 

She felt something twist tightly around her leg and boot. Surprised, she jumped and flipped her blanket open. Parith’s little drake had wrapped its tail and body around her right leg. It squawked twice and looked up at her with big, expectant eyes. Then, it rubbed its head softly against her knee and trilled.

Thissraelle blew out a misty breath of relief and squatted down to skritch its head. It closed its eyes and pressed back against her hand with a contented thrumm. It looked back up at her and turned its head one way, then the other.

“Sorry, I don’t have anything...” she paused, remembering, “Oh, wait.” She stood so she could reach the pocket in her leggings. She fumbled for a moment and pulled out a piece of jerky. “Here you go!” She stooped again and held it out for him, and he gobbled it immediately.

So, why do I feel lucky? This has been a very hard time for me. I’ve got people chasing me, wanting to kill me, capture me, or use me, and I’m not even sure where I’m going. She stood.

But what did I expect? I left a nice, comfortable home because, well, I wanted to see things. I wanted to get out. And here I am. Out. If I had stayed, I would have never seen this beauty that’s before me now. I would never have found friends like these, like DeFrantis or Granthurg. I would have never found Eddiwarth.

I’m a much better wizard, now. I can do more things, and I know more of when and how to use it, not just what tricks I can do. It’s a big world, with big players, and I’m just starting to see a place in it.

She took another drink of the horrid brew.

I’m not lucky. I’m blessed.

The Creator has blessed my steps.


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