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155 - “The Seekers of The Great Reality” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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Thissraelle sat in the chair in her room. It was large and very comfortable. Being reunited with Eddiwarth and Karendle had been wonderful, but her head and body still ached, and after a while, she had needed to rest. While sitting there, she tried to clear her mind and reach out to Granthurg. As she started, her will leapt up inside her with a rush and a strength she’d never felt before. It swelled up as if her powers were eager to be used. Still, even with this extra surge, she could not reach him. She had no idea where to search, or to where she needed to reach out.

Where is our world from here? Thinking dimensionally really spins my head. The best dimensional wizard I know is my fath... Thinking of him made her teeth clench and her eyes burn. She choked down the feelings. The weight of her thoughts added to the soreness in her muscles and she just felt like she couldn’t move. She breathed deep and let herself melt into the chair and float off to sleep.

The sounds of footsteps jolted her awake. There was a woman in the room with her, wearing one of the same gray robes she had on. She was straightening the bed, and noticed Thissraelle. “Oh, hello! Here are your clothes.” She gestured to the stack on the end of the bed. Thissraelle stood and stepped over. She didn’t feel as sore and her head, while groggy from sleep, didn’t ache. The clothes she’d been wearing in the cathedral were now clean and neatly folded.

“Thank you,” Thissraelle mumbled.

“So, I’m Tarl of Twynne Rivers. Your friends probably told you about me.”

Thissraelle nodded. “They said you helped us out of the cathedral. They said you had gone back for more.”

“Yeah, but sadly, I didn’t get any more. By the time I got back to the chapels, most were already out or already dead. I did find a few frightened monks, but they refused to come with me.”

“Chapels? There were more?”

“There were three in Twynne Rivers that were attacked. The Grand Cathedral, one on the RiverFront, and one in NorthTowne.”

A moment of hope jumped in Thissraelle’s mind. “Did you see a giant? Near the RiverFront! Was a giant there, with a big warhammer?”

Tarl shook her head and Thissraelle slumped on the bed. She didn’t like not knowing whether or not he was safe. She felt a sudden pang of longing as she thought about her friends DeFrantis and Antonerri in Dirae. She wondered if they had heard about the attacks and what they would think if they didn’t hear from her. Maybe Granthurg had escaped harm, and went back to the monastery to see them. That would likely be what he would do.

“Come join us. We’re gathering in the courtyard.”

Thissraelle thought a moment, then stood and picked up her tunic. “Why would the monks refuse to come with you?”

“We are the Seekers. The Church of Three Lights doesn’t like us much.”

“The Seekers? You’re Seekers?” Thissraelle looked at the robe Tarl wore. She hadn’t noticed before, but now recognized the swirl pattern subtly stitched over the chest. The threads of the stitching were almost the same color as the robe. She remembered that pattern, a swirl drawn in toward a single point, as their symbol. Thissraelle had heard her father talk about the Seekers many times. She remembered that he didn’t like them, either, even venomously. She’d gathered that they were another organization of mages, like rivals. Guild members had been forbidden to join them. Yet, here they were, rescuing people from violent attacks. Not just that, but attacks that had come from the Wizard’s Guild. Thissraelle dropped her face to her hands. It’s all so confusing!

“You know of us?” Tarl said, stepping to the door.

“Very little, apparently.”

Tarl smiled and opened the door. "This place is one of our temples. It's like an outpost in The Vast." She stepped out.

“Thank you, again,” Thissraelle called after her, “for everything.”

Tarl nodded and closed the door.

They must know who I am, who my father is. Yet here they are, saving my life and caring for me. Thissraelle sighed, trying to shake off the confusion, then changed back into her own clothes.


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