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129 - “Shaking Stones” - Karendle - A Tale of Heroes

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Karendle sat, waiting, nervous.

The small round pub table was wooden and worn. It was also empty but for a small metal mug of ale and a single lit candle in a cheap glass jar. There were three more wooden chairs around the table, also empty. She reached for her mug with her left hand and took a drink. Her right hand and arm was bandaged and held tight to her chest by a wide cloth sling. She had actually cut her hand slightly, to draw a little blood to smear onto the bandage, hoping to make it look more believable, more realistic. That scrape was hurting a bit now. Maybe that hadn’t been such a great idea.

Underneath the bandage, her right hand held onto the sapphire oculus. Back at the monastery, she had been using the gemstone to practice telekinetically moving rocks and barrels with her mind. She had used it while she and DeFrantis had been held captive in the old manor house, to reach out to contact Thissraelle. With the power of the stone, she had reached out from the wharf of Dirae to the men in Twynne Rivers who had originally hired her to hunt wizards. Finally, it had occurred to her that she could use it to read impressions from their minds as well. Maybe, with her will and the gem’s magic, she could finally find out who those men were, and why they hated mages so much.

She had spent several days in the inn’s common room, practicing with the stone. She couldn’t read people’s thoughts or dive into their minds. She wasn’t that good yet, but she could sense images, impressions, and feelings.

Finally, she had used the stone to contact the men and set up this meeting. Hopefully, they would arrive soon, and get this over with.

She anxiously reached across her shoulders and felt her long red braid, twirling absently in her fingers. For the hundredth time, she inspected her arm’s disguise. Is it convincing? I can't let them see the oculus. I’ve got to remember not to move it. 

They’ll be here soon. I should get the stone ready.

She dropped her head and tried to focus her thoughts on it. She could feel the warmth in her hand almost immediately. It wasn’t that difficult for her to activate anymore. She looked down at the bandage. Is it glowing? It’s dark in here. It’d better not shine through the bandage!

“It’s good to see you back!” The elf exclaimed, extending a right hand out to Karendle. Her focus shattered, and she raised her head with a start. In a moment’s fraction, she recognized the two men standing by the table. One was an elf, and the other, a taller human. Both were finely dressed in dark, rich tones of linen and silk. She stood up from the inn table and offered him her left hand. There was a moment of awkwardness as they tried to figure out how to shake her opposite hand. Finally, Karendle turned her left hand over and they did a makeshift grip. Then, they all sat down.

The elf looked at the human. “Should we get drinks?”

Shaking stones, my connection went out! Now I have to reactivate it.

They gestured a count of 2 over to a barmaid, and then returned their attention to Karendle.

The elf spoke first. She noticed he always did most of the speaking. “What happened to your arm?”

“It’s nothing. I got into a fight. It will be fine in a week.”

“You should find a healer. They would fix it right up.”

Karendle smirked, “I thought you wanted those with powers locked away...”

He looked at her a bit sideways, then chuckled quietly. “You could always entrap them afterward. Right?” The barmaid set their drinks on the table. “So, what do you have for us?”

Karendle reached into her pouch with her free hand and began rummaging. It was hard to focus on activating the oculus while holding a conversation. This would have been easy for Thissraelle. Like a morning meadow stroll.

She drew out a polished granite stone and set it on the table. It was the dimensional oculus that held the mage she had captured so many weeks ago. She pushed it slightly forward, as if offering it to them, but not giving it away for free, either.

The human nodded approval, and exchanged a glance with the elf. “Well done.”

The elf also smiled. “Is this,” he asked, uncertain, “the elven girl? The one from the Wizard’s Guild?”

Karendle narrowed her eyes and looked at the stone on the table. Her mind, however, was on the gem in her hand. Why isn’t it working? I practiced this!

The elf leaned forward, a bit of concern on his face. “Is this the girl?” he asked again, “Are you with me?”

Karendle jerked her head up. “You mean Thissraelle?”

He nodded slowly. “Yes. That’s who I mean.” He was hesitant, looking Karendle over. “Is she in the stone?”

This stupid oculus isn’t working! What are they thinking? What do I do?


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