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115 - “Visitation” - Thissraelle - A Tale of Heroes

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Thissraelle lay in her bed, her legs and feet tangled in her blankets. One hand draped across her belly, and the other wrist rested on her forehead. She stared up at the ceiling, feeling the weight of her limbs sinking deeper into the blankets and mattress below her. In the night’s stillness she could hear DeFrantis’ steady breathing and an occasional rustle of her blankets.

Most nights, if she were up, she would also hear an occasional snort or rasp from Karendle’s more distant mattress, at the other end of the dormitory room. Tonight, however, those familiar sounds weren’t there.

What a day. What a strange day. 

She rolled over onto her side, feeling her night dress twist a little across her hips. She reached down and pulled her blanket further up, shaking it loose of her leg. She also tried to shake out the exhaustion she felt.

Everyone had been awkward and quiet at dinner tonight. Even Granthurg and Eddiwarth were silent. She had noticed her friends glancing away as she looked around the table. There were words that had hung in the air, not being spoken. Finally, Thissraelle had just hung her head and stared at her food. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was also not as tense.

It felt so strange to not have Karendle there today.  

Karendle wasn’t a very social type of girl, and she was often by herself, but in the month and some since the battle, she had been part of the circle, part of the team. Thissraelle half expected her to just walk back in, like she had changed her mind, or as if nothing had happened. Thissraelle took a deep breath, held it, and slowly hissed it out. Her eyes began to droop, feeling heavy.

Soon she was asleep.

Dreams drifted through her mind on a river of cluttered water, washing images and ideas past her unconsciousness like flotsam in the flow. Her inner eye looked up from the stream, and she followed her gaze, floating farther and farther upward.

Soon she was aware of rain falling around her. She wore her traveling cloak, the one she’d had on that first night that she’d flown away from her tower, away from her home. It flapped and billowed away from her waist and her dress like a flag in the wind.

Lightning flashed, and she jumped. A loud clap of thunder followed, rumbling away into the distance. In the dim light, she saw clouds around her and rain pouring down. Lightning tore through the sky again, closer this time, and brighter, but she wasn’t startled. The noise was much louder, however, and made her ears ring momentarily.

She flew through the billows, turning left and right to find a path between the swirling clouds. Where am I? Where am I going? Am I even in control? She stopped flying and spun herself around to see. Yes, it seems I am. I can choose where I go. 

She floated, resting still in the clouds for a moment. Lightning continued to flash from cloud to cloud. So, where should I go?

A harsh crack and a blinding flash of brightness struck just before her, tossing her back and leaving her stunned. Her eyes filled with vivid white and she jerked her face away and shielded her sight with her hands.

As she relaxed her arms and opened her eyes, a man stood before her in the air. It was hard to look at him at first, as the radiance shining from his face was too strong. As she looked, however, she could make out his features, his eyes, his beard, and dark hair. He wasn’t particularly tall, nor muscular, but was clad in armor and a tunic. His tunic was white, and bore the three shining stars emblem that she had come to recognize. His armor also shone brightly, though it had many scratches, marks, and a few indentations. Before him, he held a broadsword, drawn, with the blade tip at his feet.

He nodded his head in a gentle bow. “Thissraelle, wizard of light,” he said in a deep, resonant voice.

She set her head back, with a quizzical look on her face. How does he know me? Who is this? 

“I am Ivarr. I have an important request of you.”

She drifted away a few feet, unsure of herself. This IS a dream, but I still need to be careful, right?

“What...,” she hesitated, “What is this request?”

His eyes looked deep into her. She could see his shoulders move as he breathed, and his lips move as he spoke. “It’s a message from the Creator. It’s important that you find the one named Heathrax. Tell him that the dragons stir.”

“What? ‘The dragon’s stir’? Just that?”

“Yes. Just that. He will know what to do.” His illumination dimmed a little, and clouds formed around his feet.

“Hey!” Thissraelle called out to him, “Not so fast! Where is he? How do I find him? I’m not an errand girl! I’m taking my team to Emberfire!”

Misty billows gathered around his arms and chest. “The Creator has much to teach you. Follow your path, but remember that the strongest leader is better the servant.”  He faded into the clouds.

“Come back here!” she shouted, “Come back! I’m not through yet! I have more questions!”

Another crack of lightning split the air around her and her eyes jerked open. The quiet darkness of the dormitory room rushed in on her. She glanced around, taking in the shadows of the familiar things in the room; the candelabras hanging from the ceiling, the tapestries on the walls, the moonlight coming in through the open window, the table against the wall. She noticed that her legs were stretched and tense, and she was gripping and twisting the blanket in her fists.

After another slow breath, Thissraelle eased the tension from her body and relaxed her grip. She slid her fingers through her hair, wiping away the sweat on her forehead.

Well, what on the Creator’s shaking earth does THIS mean?


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