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“They Went That Way” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 72: Thissraelle

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“What are you waiting for, child?” Brother Mathazar’s question interrupted her thoughts. “Eat! Eat!”

She startled then looked back down at her bowl of stew. The smell of the rich brown broth wafted up into her face, and the meat and vegetables looked appetizing as well.  Beside her steaming bowl was a torn half-loaf of bread. She picked up her spoon and smiled. “Thank you!”

“What has your mind so enraptured?”

She looked over at him, then at the others. Next to him were two other monks each dipping into their own bowls, and across from them sat Antonerri and Granthurg. The giant was, at least, eagerly slurping on his stew, alternating mouthfuls with the bread. The sight of him stuffing his mouth made Thissraelle giggle.

He stopped for only a moment. “What?”

She smiled and took a spoonful of stew. It was delicious and full of savory flavors. She swallowed and reached for her bread.

“I’ve just been thinking of all that’s happened to us. How we all came to be in this place, and now all that we are finding out about the Dragon’s Flame.” She raised the bread. “It’s kind of overwhelming.” She took a bite.

“True. You’ll no doubt be wanting to find your other friends as well.”

Antonerri raised his gaze as he heard that, and Thissraelle nodded. She lifted her spoon again.

“Are you there?”

Thissraelle’s head jumped up and looked around, confused.

“Are you there? Can you hear me?”

She dropped her spoon with a clatter and stood up from the table. She looked frantically around the room.

Granthurg said, “Thissraelle! What’s wrong?”

“I know that voice!” She whispered. “Where is she?”

“You CAN hear me! Talk to me!”

Thisraelle shook her head and closed her eyes. She’s in my head.

“Yes! I am!”

Where are you? Are you well?

“DeFrantis is with me! We’re captured! We need your he--”

“Where are you?” The others at the table stared at her outburst. Her mind fell silent. Frantically, she cleared her thoughts and opened herself up. She looked around the table, trying to find support. “Where ARE YOU?” She shouted again.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorr--”

No! Come back! Talk to me! Where are you? Her mind, her thoughts were silent. The connection was gone.

She stepped away from the table and closed her eyes. She raised her hands out to her side and began slowly turning.

Granthurg stood. “Thissraelle, are you OK?”

“They reached out to me. They contacted me.”

“Who?” All eyes were on her as she slowly turned. Her hands and head began to slowly glow with an azure halo.

“Karendle.” She kept turning, then stopped. “And DeFrantis.”

Antonerri jumped to his feet. “DeFrantis! Where?”

Thissraelle moved one arm before her to point. “That way. I don’t know how far, but they’re that way.” They all looked where she pointed, out the rain-spattered window into the cloudy dark beyond.


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