Monday, June 18, 2018

“And Who Are You?” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 41: Granthurg

For the last hour, Granthurg had steered the barge westward in silence. Thissraelle lay near his feet, on the platform, wrapped in a blanket, fast asleep. Antonerri and DeFrantis sat together on the deck, huddled together, to tense to sleep. They weren’t talking, but just looked at Granthurg and the other woman, who sat between them and to one side.

Granthurg noticed that she was also nervous, and looked back and forth between him and the others.  Granthurg leaned forward and picked up a bundle of blankets. He stepped away from the rudder and off the platform. He offered blankets to Antonerri and DeFrantis. Antonneri wrapped one around DeFrantis’ shoulders.

Granthurg hesitated and looked at the unknown lady. She looked not quite human, but was too stout to be elvish. She didn’t look weighty, but rather that her shoulders were more broad and her back stronger than most elvish women. How did she get here? I wish I knew what she’s thinking, what she’s planning.

Finally, he stepped to her and offered her a blanket. She looked up at him, a bit surprised, and took it.

“I can pay my passage.” She didn’t look up.  “At the first village, I’ll get off the barge and return to Twynne Rivers.”

“Sure. There’s a small dock at a town just on the other side of the forest. We’ll be there by late tomorrow.” He hesitated. “I’m Granthurg. Who are you?”

She looked up. “My name is Karendle.” She said nothing more.

Granthurg nodded. He moved to a trunk by the side of the platform, and drew out bread, cheese, and a jug of ale. He offered her some, but she looked uncertain as to how to respond to his gesture.

“Go ahead,” he said, and offered again. This time she took a loaf and some cheese and began to eat.  He moved to the others and offered to them as well. Finally, he took his own bread back to the platform and stood by the rudder.  “You were quite a surprise. I appreciate your help in the fight, but I’m not sure what you’re doing with us. How did you come to be on my barge?”

She didn’t seem to be too sure how to answer. After a moment, she said, “I guess I’m a bounty hunter.”

“And you caught your target?”

“Yeah, I suppose.”  Granthurg noticed DeFrantis keeping a watchful eye on her. “I’ll have to take him back to the city.”

Granthurg continued, “Where are you from?”

She was done with her bread, and leaned back. She broke off a piece of cheese. “Originally, I’m from the Western Mountains.”

“AH! I am, too! You’re part dwarf, am I right?”  She ate, then nodded. “I wondered. You’re a little short for a human, but you don’t have elvish features! Have you been gone from the mountains long? I was hoping to get back to my city after this river run.” She replied, and Granthurg started talking about the mountains and his home. Before long, he glanced out over the barge and saw that all three were laying down, asleep. He smiled to himself and nodded. We’ll sort everything out tomorrow.

He took a hold of the rudder. It will all be fine tomorrow.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.

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