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“It’s a Long, Long Story” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 68: Karendle

Karendle pushed her back up against the wall, and brought her knees up to her chest. The chains on her wrists made that difficult. The stone masonry was cold against her back.

How can I tell her? I was trying to capture her, not kill her! But, I would have sold her out just like the slavers. And my contacts told me not to tell anyone. But she saved my life. I owe her at least that much, don’t I? But where do I start? She thought for a moment, then began.

“I came to Twynne Rivers from the western mountains because I wanted to learn to do magic. I went to the wizard’s guild, but they wouldn’t take me. I’m part Dwarf, and Dwarves don’t ‘do’ magic. Or at least the High Elves in the guild don’t think so. I met a couple of humans who told me how I could do magic right away, and even get back at the guild. I was thrilled! They showed me these stones, gems, that gave me magic.”


“Yep. They showed me how to use them, a little. Then, they told me that I had to go capture wizards. Two of the stones they gave me, gray, dark stones, were just for that.”

“That’s how you zapped the one on the barge?”

“Yes. They said that wizards are evil and are ruining our city. They said they’d pay me well for every wizard I brought them. So, I set out on my task. I heard about a shadow wizard that had been caught stealing from a local inn, and I figured that would be an easy start.”

“So, that was me.”

Karendle hesitated. “That was you. I lost you for a while after you ran from the tower. I wasn’t trying to kill you. I was trying to catch you. I didn’t really know how to use the stones. I guess I still don’t. I lost you, anyway, but found you back at the waterfront on Grunthos’ barge.”

“Granthurg.” DeFrantis corrected.

“Yeah. Him.” Karendle took a breath, choked, and coughed. She shifted against the wall. “So, when the fight started, I thought it was others coming after you. I rushed in. When the other wizards showed up, I don’t know why, I suddenly had a chance to get a guild wizard! And it worked! I was so excited! The guys that hired me were pretty pleased as well. I was going to take him back to Twynne Rivers and get paid. I would have been out of your life completely.  But then....”

Karendle didn’t like the pause. “But then... what?”

“They told me to go back. They wanted Thissarill, or whatever her name is. I guess she’s a big deal for the wizard’s guild or something. They told me to capture her. I don’t really know why.” I don’t really know why I’m doing any of this. “But before I could get back to the inn, I was robbed, and he stole my pouch with all of my gems. I had to get it back, so I tracked him to the dark market, where the slavers were. You have to understand, my whole new life was given to me in that pouch, and taken from me when he robbed me! I fought him and grabbed it. That second blast was meant for him, not you. I grabbed my oculi and blasted him, just out of sheer spite. It didn’t work. I missed him. He rushed me and stabbed me instead. He would have killed me.”

Karendle fell silent for a moment.

DeFrantis continued, “In the chaos you created, I lost sight of the children being sold. I had hoped that they would lead me to the children I’ve been looking for. Now I have no idea what happened to any of them. I have no idea what happened to Antonerri, either.”

Karendle dropped her head to her hands. The smoke irritated her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I was only worried about myself. Now here’s the mess I’ve gotten us into.”

Then they fell silent. Only the steady rain and the occasional lightning flash cut through the haze.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.If you like this story, support us at our Patreon!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

“It’s a Long Story” - A Tale of Heroes - Scene 67: Karendle

A stroke of lightning hit very close, with a bright flash and loud clap. Karendle jolted awake with a shout, a gasp, and a jangle of chains. The room was dark once again, and she tried in vain to see her surroundings. She could hear rain pelting windows, but could see no light from them. The air was thick with a heavy, musky incense that was difficult to breathe. The floor below her legs was cold, hard stone. She tried to stand, but the chains on her wrists, over her head, prevented her. She moved her legs under her and sat up against the wall that held her shackles.

“So, you’re awake now.” A voice spoke to her from across a room. She tried to focus her eyes in the direction. It was female, and it sounded familiar. It carried a tone of anger, though, that she didn’t quite recognize.

“Who are you?” The smoke made Karendle cough when she first spoke. “Where are you?”

“I’m right here. I’m chained to the wall, like you are.” DeFrantis replied. “And you know who I am.”

Karendle was surprised. “I do?”

“You’ve been chasing me for a week, now, but I have no idea why. I would say that you had finally caught me, but it looks like you’re just as caught as I am!”

Silence fell again, with a weight that hung like the smoke in the thick air. The only sound was the rain. Lightning struck again, more distant, but still bright enough to flash through the windows and illuminate the room. She recognized DeFrantis in the shadows from across the floor, and she looked away.

Her mind was clearing, now, as she became more fully awake. She remembered things, images. You were running from the guard tower, and I threw a blast at you. You were on the barge when I captured the other wizard in the stone, and when we traveled up the river. You, the giant, the elf girl, and the other man. You were there at the dark market when I got my oculi back from the thief. You were there when he stabbed me...

“You were the one that healed me!”

“Yes. Yes, I was.”

After a pause in the darkness, Karendle asked, “Why did you save me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me why you were trying to kill me!”

“I wasn’t trying to kill you!”

“A couple of fireballs say otherwise!”

“That wasn’t meant for you!” Karendle thought that over, “At least, the one in the market wasn’t...” The rain again filled the empty spaces in between their words. “Maybe I’d better explain.”

“Yes. Maybe that would be a good idea. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.” Karendle heard DeFrantis’ chains rattle, as if she were settling in for a long story.


This continues the story of the heroes in Wynne, in Twynne Rivers, in the world of The Hero's Tale, Family Friendly RPGs. Here's more info on The Hero's Tale, and family friendly RPGing.If you like this story, support us at our Patreon!

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